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Hawkeye Ticket Specials

Slow sales means great deals for Iowa football tickets!


Faced with declining ticket sales, The University of Iowa announced recently that they will be making Iowa student tickets available to all full time Kirkwood enrollees, fufilling the hopes and dreams of future fry cooks across Eastern Iowa. However, this is just one of a multitude of special ticket offers the Hawkeyes have running this month.

UNI Students

Accessing their student-aged fanbase is important to drive not just ticket sales today, but donations in the future. To that end, University of Northern Iowa students will also be given the chance to purchase Hawkeye season tickets at student rates.

Buy Ed Podolak a drink, get a single game ticket

Former Hawkeye announcer Ed Podolak will be going on a Johnson county-wide bar tour in the weeks leading up to the opener. If you're lucky enough to find him on a barstool near you, just buy him a drink and in return you'll get a ticket to any home game! Whether you're looking forward to a battle with the mighty Maryland Terrapins, the Purdue Boilermakers, the Fightin' Dan McCarneys of North Texas, or any of the other games on the exciting home schedule, it all can be yours for the price of a Bud Light.

Catch Tyler Sash, get free tickets for yourself and 3 friends!

That's right. At 1 a.m. Thursdays through Saturdays in August, Tyler Sash will get on his scooter at a random location near the ped mall and start driving. If you can chase him down and hit him with a tazer before 2 a.m., you win a four pack of season tickets in section 127! Good luck, and happy hunting!

Doing it the right way!

Current Iowa students who filled out the Black and Gold Feedback survey last month have access to their own special deals.  Those who rated "Doing it the Right Way" as a 1 (out of 10) are eligible for 50% off a rental for a private suite with Sally Mason, to discuss future bagman donor opportunities.  Additionally, anyone who rated "winning" higher than "graduating" is eligible for a drawing for two free tickets in Section 138, Row 65.