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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/12/15

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Iowa State Football

GET DEFENSIVE AND TACKLE. An update on the ISU defensive tackles from Jared Stansbury.

AISCHG? In case you missed the news, backup center Patrick Scoggins is done for the year with an injury.

JUCO RELIANCE. The recent influx of JUCO talent is going to have to step up for ISU to be worth a damn this year.

ALL THE INJURIES. Uncle Randy remembers them.

Iowa State Basketball

OTZ CHEESIN'. The basketball team made it to Spain safely and is taking in the sights.

Iowa State Volleyball

OPEN PRACTICE. Catch an early glimpse of the volleyball team at their August 18 open practice.

Seattle Mariners

HOTTEST TEAM IN BASEBALL? Now on a one-game win streak after last night's victory, it's hard to argue.

Around The Country

FEISTY. Costa Rican manager Paulo Wanchope got in a fist-fight with a security guard.

NICE SHOT. Klay Thompson can make a half court shot while riding a bicycle.

TO HIDE THEIR SHAME. Dallas Cowboys receivers are wearing bags on their heads at practice.

BAD LEADERSHIP? Cris Carter says Geno Smith getting sucker punched means a lack of leadership.

THE FALLOUT. The Internet's collective jaw dropped when the Geno Smith news broke.

GOALIE GOAL! And even more impressive, it was in the 95th minute and he drilled it off his back heel.