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BREAKING: Rhoads vs. Ferentz Retirement Match?

In a stunning revelation, WRNL has learned that the worlds of WWE and college football could possibly collide this fall. Embattled football coaches, Paul Rhoads and Kirk Ferentz, both rumored to be on the hot seat, may be pitted against each other in a win-or-else dual, better known as a "retirement match."

Our sources tell us that Iowa State athletics director, Jamie Pollard, approached his Hawkeye counterpart, Gary Barta, about the idea and Barta was "very receptive." Both Rhoads and Ferentz are under long-term contracts with large buy-outs respective to each program, and many feel they have not lived up to the expectations that come with that type of job security.

For the uninitiated, "retirement matches" or "loser leaves town" bouts have been popular gimmicks in the realm of professional wrestling dating back to the territorial days before the WWE became the global conglomerate it is today.

Some of the more famous clashes in the history of professional wrestling have featured the retirement clause, most recently with "Mr. WrestleMania" himself, Shawn Michaels, in bouts against Ric Flair at WrestleMania XXIV and against The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI.

Now, Iowa State and Iowa's athletic departments are reportedly scheming to use the ploy as a way out of seeing those contracts fulfilled. According to our sources, both Pollard and Barta appear to be taking advantage of a "public appearances" clause in each coach's contract, and only a few legal hurdles remain before it's a "done deal." Should either Rhoads or Ferentz not fulfill the clause, each can be fired with cause for breach of contract.

The expected Pay-Per-View buys alone from the tussle would be more than enough to cover each coach's buy-out, which would enable each respective school to accelerate the process of replacing their highest paid, yet arguably most under-performing employee.

WRNL attempted to corroborate the reports, but calls to both Iowa State and Iowa were not returned. An additional call was placed to WWE chairman, Vince McMahon, who would neither confirm nor deny WWE's potential involvement in promoting the bout, but his office did express an interest in the developments.

Details also remain unclear about whether or not it will be a traditional tussle in the squared-circle, or if additional gimmicks like a ladder match or cage match could be introduced to drum up excitement and anticipation.

We will continue to provide updates and details as they come in. No date or venue has been set for the potential match up, but an announcement could reportedly be made as soon as the end of the week.