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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/14/15


Iowa State Football

GETTING THE TURNOVERS BACK. The Iowa State defense was once a turnover generating machine and now they're using incentives to try to bring the magic back.

FLOYD IS THE COMMISSION GETTER. And there is no one better at getting those turnovers, and the prize, than Qujuan Floyd.

RUNNING TO VICTORY. Tyler Brown is looking to lead the Iowa State running game, but he's not the only talented back looking to make a splash.

LOSING MENTALITY. Nigel Tribune admits what we all know: some players entered games last year knowing they were going to lose.

Iowa State Basketball

PROHMAN MIC. The new head ball coach is mic'd up for practices prior to the team departing for Spain. He's a yeller.

Around the Country

IS TIGER WOODS DONE? In a word, yes.

KEEP AN EYE ON THE PIE. The 2015 Pieman Trophy Watch List. Let's hope for Daniel Burton as a dark horse candidate.

LET'S OVERREACT TO THE PRESEASON. All of last night's NFL results, including a run by Johnny Manziel and RGIII looking... decent?

CHANGES IN GREEN BAY. A new play caller is in Green Bay for the first time in Aaron Rodgers' career.

LOOK AT THESE GUYS. You may hate the NFL, but you still play fantasy football, so let Grantland help you find the most exciting players to draft.

GILL > SABAN, RHOADS > FERENTZ. At least when it comes to post timeout performance. In a shocker to no one, Kirk Ferentz does not do well after a timeout.

KOMPANY CAUSING DIARRHEA. Or at least he wishes it on Chelsea's Eden Hazard.

AND BALOTELLI IS TERRIBLE. He's the Terrell Owens of the Premier League, isn't he?