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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/18/15

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Iowa State Football

WELL YEAH. Catch consistently. Be productive with the ball. That's how Paul Rhoads says the WR corps will "warrant the hype."

SCRIMMAGE. Rhoads talks about who stood out.

LEADERSHIP. Luke Manderfield tells us how it will come from the defensive line this season. More specifically, the ends.

SPEAKING OF THE ENDS. Coach Stan Eggen explains how Jhaustin Thomas is progressing.

BIG 12 RECRUITING SCORECARD. ESPN's Max Olson gives us an update, with a little nugget on Illinois WR and Iowa State target Kendric Pryor.

HE ONCE WON A STARING CONTEST WITH HIS OWN REFLECTION. The guys talk about who the most interesting man in the locker room is (and Levi Peters' beard has its own social security number now).

Iowa State Basketball

IT'S BEEN A SLOW HOOPS NEWS CYCLE. So how about you educate yourself on the Cyclones' 2016 targets?

Seattle Mariners

SAD WALK-OFF. The M's dropped game one to the Rangers 4-3 in Arlington. There were bunts.

Around The Country

THAT'LL DO. Yankees catcher Brian McCann knocked in 5 RBI and gunned down three guys stealing, the first such accomplishment in 12 years.

LINE DRIVES TO THE FACE. Brian Mitchell knows about 'em.

FUCK CANCER. Red Sox manager John Farrell has lymphoma, and former dugout pal and Indians manager Terry Francona plans to be there for his first round of chemo.

CAN'T DO THAT. The Labor Relations board says Northwestern football players can't unionize.

SHE SHOULD NAME IT ACE. An 11 year old girl was promised a puppy if she hit a hole-in-one. So she hit a hole-in-one.

RECOUNT! In a five-part video series, Precise Presenter broke down each punch of each round of the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Their findings? Pac Man may have won.

HURLING. Before you skip this one, hurling is a sport, and Irish keeper Colm Callanan is WAYYY better at it than you.

FAKE FOOTBALL. SB Nation's official 2015 Fantasy Football Draft Guide is here.

WORST CASE SCENARIOS. In case you missed it last week, Ryan Nanni gave us the worst case scenarios for each Big 12 team in 2015. Today, it's the Big Ten.