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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/19/15

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Iowa State Football

TICKETS ON SALE! Single-game tickets went on sale at 9 a.m. today, hurry up and buy yours now!

DECADE WITH JP. reviews the Pollard era in this 30 minute special.

QUARTERBACK COMPETITION. Don't worry, it's only for the backup spot.

D-ENDS STEPPING UP. Dale Pierson and Trent Taylor are stepping up as leaders, writes Rob Gray.

LANN-DING IN ANOTHER POSITION? There's reports that Joel Lanning may see action on the field at positions other than QB.

Seattle Mariners

HE LET THEM HIT. But Hisashi Iwakuma still won the start following his no-hitter, 3-2 over the Rangers.

Around The Country

LAYOFFS SUCK. Even for people who cover the Big 12 that have never visited Ames. Hope you find a job soon, David.

MOST IMPORTANT PLAYERS. Here's college basketball's 10 most important players according to Mike Rutherford. No Cyclones on the list, but a couple Big 12 athletes.

NEEDS BETTER RECEIVERS. This GIF of presidential candidate Marco Rubio hitting an Ankeny kid in the head with a football went viral yesterday.

SWEATY MAN. Vince Wilfork sweats bubbles out of his shoes.

THAT'S NOT HOW YOU BASEBALL. Miguel Cabrera forgot to put on his glove, but still got a force-out.

THE IOWA STATE OF SOCCER. That's what this goalie is feeling like right now after this foolish play.

WATT MORE DO YOU WANT? J.J. Watt continues to prove why he's one of the best guys in the NFL.

MURICA. Giant Flaming Chainsaw Robot. Enough said.

REVOKE HIS PARENT LICENSE. Time to stop trying to catch baseballs while holding toddlers, dads.

JOCK JAMS ARE THE DEVIL. But you can find out which one you are using this handy tool.