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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/20/15

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On This Day in History

1920: PRO FOOTBALL WAS BORN. Jim Thorpe and six others gathered to create the American Professional Football Conference.

Iowa State Football

STEP ONE: START WINNING! The Associated Press talks facilities, 2014 and previews the upcoming season.

SACK MAMBA. Defensive tackle Dale Pierson (@SackMamba45) is quicker, more physical and ready to live up to his handle.

HUMP DAY. Paul Rhoads talks Wednesday scrimmage.

FINDING HIS VOICE. Sam Richardson has, and he's ready to shoulder the weight in 2015.

Iowa State Basketball

SEEMS EXTREME. Someone is trying to poison the Iowa State men's basketball team. No but really, they all got sick and the Spain tour is over.

RECRUITING PRIMER. Alex Halsted doing great work as always. Here's a look at 10 targets for 2016.

Seattle Mariners

ANOTHER LOSS. The Rangers took the series two games to one in Arlington as the M's fell 7-2.

Around The Country

PROSTITUTION STING. Cops busted some folks in a prostitution sting Tuesday and, well, there are certainly some names...

ONE OF THOSE SENTENCES YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU'D SAY. Jack Whitver's nephew got hit in the in the head with a football thrown by Marco Rubio.

THIRTIETH PERCENTILE! Bill Connelly ranked all 128 FBS teams. TCU is overrated, Miami is underrated, and Iowa State came in at 90.

CLEARLY NOT THAT HARD. It was two nights ago but Clayton Kershaw, all skill, made a hell of a snag.

BUT WAIT. Giants CF Juan Perez will certainly not be outdone (fuck the Cardinals).

ON PACE FOR QUITE A FEW. Tigers pitcher Daniel Norris decided to smash a home run in his first career at-bat.

SUICIDE ATTEMPT. Former Bears QB Erik Kramer survived an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, another possible result of brain trauma among NFL veterans.

MEDIA DAYS IN THE BAYOU. LSU punter Colby Delahoussaye and Aussie teammate Jamie Keehn stole the mic for LSU Media Day and didn't let you down.

LAST BREATHS IN A SPANISH BULL RING. SB Nation's latest longform is fascinating.

TIM TEBOW CFL CHRONICLES. We're one year removed from, hands down, the greatest thing that's ever been done at SB Nation.