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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/24/15

Iowa State Football

O CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN(S). Sam Richardson and Levi Peters are officially your 2015 team captains.

VAST IMPROVEMENTS. This is the kind of stuff we want to hear about our offensive line.

AH, THE LIFE OF A KICKER. FIFA is in regular rotation for kickers and specialists.

HARRIS IS HERE. Jordan Harris makes Big 12 Blog's list of breakout stars.

Iowa State Basketball

ATE A LOT OF TAPAS. Prohm, Niang, and Morris recap their trip to Spain.

Seattle Mariners

WHEN "APPEAR TO HAVE FUN" IS A HEADLINE... You know it's been a bad season. But hey, the Ms totally won.

Around The Country

BAD SARK. Steve Sarkisian is not making too many friends at USS by being a drunken asshole.

THE REAL PROBLEM. Bring On The Cats discusses the bigger problem at Baylor.

GET A FALL GUY. Both Cris Carter and Nick Young are advocating the presence of a fall guy for athletes.


DAMMIT, IOWA. Two guys drove from Iowa to Boston to threaten violence at a Pokemon tournament.

THIS SEEMS STUPID. Holding for field goals with your face?

THIS KID... is 4 and has better bat flip skills than 99.99999% of the population.