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12 Days of Cy-mas

A Iowa State inspired rendition of the most annoying Christmas song ever.

12 days remain until the "Cy-mas" that is the kickoff to Iowa State football. Full of drunken friends and relatives, themes of hope and joy, and songs sung in unison by the masses, the Christmas parallels are actually quite undeniable.

Inspired by SoCalClone's Fanpost and my love for receiving gifts, here's the 12 gifts I hope the Cyclones get me for "Cy-mas" this year. I'll just do the last verse so I don't get too much hate mail. (There's a little commentary as well if you're into that sort of thing)

12 Days of Cy-mas

On the 12th Day of Cy-mas my true love gave to me:
12 interceptions

As KnowDan mentioned in his preview of the secondary, we must better our ten interception total from last year if this is to be a successful season.

11 games on TV

With the UNI game already relegated to Cyclones.TV, I'm just hoping we stay relevant enough that I'm able to watch the rest of the games from my couch having moved away from God's country.

10 RB TD's

Even after entering the season with a defined RB1, we could only muster nine rushing touchdowns out of our backs. If our committee of running backs can somehow get to double digits, I think we can sniff a bowl game.

9 actual close games

I'm willing to sacrifice TCU, @Baylor and @OU if we're somehow 4th quarter relevant in the other nine games.

8 fumbles picked up

Somehow we only forced five fumbles last year after forcing thirteen each of the previous two. Turnovers have to increase in order for a "bend but don't break" defense to work.

7 fifty yard plays

After having six in 2013, I blacked out last season and was unable to recollect any, so let's go with needing more than our 3-9 season just two years ago.

6 non-offensive TD's

Rhoads' single season best is five in 2010. This is a highly unlikely number, but it's going to take some magic for us to pull off 6-6 or 7-5, right?


Pretty, pretty please? Especially after the positive signs coming out of fall camp?

4 two sack linemen

Morrissey had six and nobody else had more than 1.5 last year. If we can get four guys in the 2-6 sack range, we'll be well on our way to the 20+ sack performance by the D-line that KnowDan defines as a success.

3 Big 12 wins

Three would tie for the best of the Rhoads era and isn't completely unrealistic.

2 road victories

Toledo, Texas Tech, Kansas State, West Virginia. Pick two.

and our first win against an FCS opponent in four yeeeeeeeears.

Seriously, it's been four years since we got one.

Now be honest with yourselves. You're taking any of these before the items named in the real song except for the five golden rings and nine ladies dancing, aren't you?