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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/26/15

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Iowa State Football

HE'S A TALKER. Demond Tucker uses his body and mouth to communicate on the field.

IT'S GOING TO BE ABUSED. The Iowa State athletic department has created a way for fans to share their thoughts on the Jack Trice Stadium game day experience.

LEADER LEVI. Rob Gray profiles Levi Peters, the leader of the 2015 Cyclone defense.

HIS MOM AND HIS DAUGHTER. Those are the two people Kamari Cotton-Moya calls every day for inspiration.

WILL HE GET IT? Sam B. Richardson isn't too far off the school record for TD passes.

Iowa State Basketball

SPAIN TRIP RECAP. ESPN's Andy Katz reports on how the trip overseas went for ISU basketball.

Seattle Mariners

MASSIVE RALLY FTW! The M's came back to beat Oakland 6-5 on Tuesday.

Around The Country

HAWKS UPGRADING. Iowa got themselves a new football facility of their own (pics inside).

SLIDER. No, not a restaurant appetizer... It's the name of the Arizona Diamondbacks' new clubhouse hamster.

SPEAKING OF HAMSTERS... Doug Martin wants you to stop calling him Muscle Hamster.

WELCOME TO SPORTS. A young soccer fan can't believe her team lost the lead.

HE'S JUST GOT A SPRINGY BUTT. Okay, maybe this soccer player just threw himself off the stretcher to stall for time.

CURT SCHILLING HATES MUSLIMS AND NAZIS. According to this Tweet that was deleted soon after he posted it yesterday.

JETER HUSTLES OBAMA. The two golfed together and Jeter apparently got the better of the POTUS. Think he said, "Thanks Obama" after he won?

WEEKLY HONEST TRAILER. I know a bunch of you enjoyed Mad Max: Fury Road. Here's the Honest Trailer: