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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/28/15

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Iowa State Football

NEXT MAN IN. Devlyn Cousin is gone, but ISU has other guys that can step up in his absence.

KICKING IN JACK TRICE. No, not the kick to the balls you get from Cyclone football... A field goal breakdown from Kirk Haaland.

OFFENSIVE IMPROVEMENT? Iowa State is on track to be better offensively if history repeats itself for Mark Mangino.

SURPRISE! True freshman Carson Epps will likely play this year at wide receiver.

BEEFTANKS! Here's the Cedar Rapids Gazette's offensive line preview.

IMPACT PLAYERS. The future of Cyclone football could rest in the hands of these players.

Iowa State Basketball

BIG FOUR CLASSIC. It was announced yesterday that the Cyclones will take on UNI at 6 p.m. if you're planning on making it out to the annual event at Wells Fargo Arena.

Seattle Mariners

CONSUMED IN SLOW BURNING DISCO INFERNO. The M's fell to the White Sox 4-2 last night, and it was even more shameful after you see the terrible throwback uniforms the Sox wore.

Around The Country

MOBILE QUARTERBACKS. It's good to have one in college football.

RIP CHOCOLATE THUNDER. Darryl Dawkins passed away yesterday at the age of 58.

IT'S NOT SOCCER! But this 1-3-1 putout off the pitcher's foot is a must-watch.

FAT MAN GOT IN THE WAY. How about this punt that deflected off an offensive lineman and was returned for a touchdown?

RISE OF THE MACHINES. Dartmouth has a robot tackling dummy that's definitely going to take over the world someday.

MADDEN 16: NSFW? Okay, you can probably watch at work, but the positions that football players get stuck in will make you turn your head.

PRANK CALLER. That's what Jim Harbaugh thought Michael Jordan was when the former NBA star gave him a call.

CHALK IT UP. Justin Verlander had a no-hitter broken up in the 9th inning on Wednesday in one of the worst ways possible.