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WRNL is Looking for New Writers!

Do you like to write? Are you an Iowa State Cyclones fan? Then we have the gig for you!

Matthew Holst/Getty Images

The time has come once again to announce that we at WRNL are looking to bring in another crop of fresh talent to help contribute to our ever-expanding coverage of the Cyclones. As the site's new manager, I believe it's in our best interest to get out of our mothers' basements and find new writers to enhance what is already one of the best Iowa State communities on the internet.

Some of you may remember it was almost exactly a year ago that KnowDan and CanAzn sent out a post looking for help with the blog. Since then, the site's viewership has climbed dramatically. In fact, over half of the top 25 articles in site history (in terms of page views) have been written since the beginning of 2015. Pair that stat along with the fact that our Facebook likes have more than doubled in the last year, and you have multiple signs of great progress -- but we feel like we can do even better.

WRNL's reputation was built on being gut-bustingly funny, while also being mindful of how Iowa State athletic teams perform on the field. We've dulled the tone of our humor over the years, but if you are a hilarious writer that also has a passion for Cyclone athletics and an ability to generate quality content, then writing for us would be perfect for you. The type of articles we'd love to see more of are posts like Cormac McCarthy previewing the Big 12ridiculing the Hawkeyes for stealing from their own locker room, and finding replacement couches for Iowa State.

As a part of the SB Nation network, your articles published on WRNL will reach a national audience and viewed by thousands of people. SB Nation alums can be found at ESPN, CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated and other notable sports news outlets, making this a great opportunity for any budding sports journalist.

Here's a list of the specific things we're looking for out of our writers.

Required Skills

  • The ability to write. You don't have to be perfect, but you have to be coherent, know how to spell, identify errors, and be willing to be edited.
  • The ability to be a fan, but also objective. Balancing an ability to cheer for Iowa State and calling them on their issues is a must.
  • The ability to be funny. This is non negotiable. Some of our writers are funnier than others (and it's okay if you're not the world's greatest comedian), but WRNL was built on being humorous, and it's an emphasis going forward to not lose what made the site great in the first place.
  • The ability to be available. There's no sense in applying if you're going to be swamped with other life priorities. Stuff like that is why many of our past writers have all but disappeared from the site. We realize that WRNL will (probably) never be your first priority, but we will expect you to set aside at least an hour or two every week at a minimum to generate content.

Special Areas of Interest Wanted

  • Iowa State recruiting. If anyone wants to step up and take charge of football and men's basketball recruiting news, we are SUPER DUPER interested in bringing you aboard. SB Nation rewards a small stipend to blogs with consistent recruiting coverage, and if someone were to make recruiting their thing, the stipend would be all theirs.
  • Iowa State women's basketball. We've never covered women's sports on WRNL, but if you enjoy following the Twister Sisters enough to write game previews and recaps for the ladies, we'd be open to having someone follow Bill Fennelly's team throughout their season.
  • Iowa State volleyball. Another women's sport, and one of the best programs overall at ISU. Same thinking as women's basketball applies here.
  • Podcasting. We plan on putting out more podcasts during football and basketball season, and if you're a good talker and/or have an interest in radio, let us know.
  • Editing. Our editors need to have knowledge of AP style, spelling and grammar, as well as a keen eye for detail. If you're particularly interested in editing, point it out in your application.

How to Apply

To apply, send an email to and tell us about your interest in writing, why that interest exists and how you would like to help. Also, provide us with a writing sample from one of your past works, or whip up a sample on the spot about something sports-related (doesn't have to be about Iowa State) and send that in. Either way, we need something to evaluate your talent!

If you applied last August, but didn't get accepted, feel free to apply again. I didn't have any part in screening applicants back then, so everyone will be on an even playing field heading into this round of submissions. Please remember that all positions are unpaid, unless you plan on covering recruiting. None of our writers do this for the money -- we do it because we love Iowa State athletics.

Right now, the plan is to bring on 2-3 new writers, but if lots of talented people apply, then we're open to more.

Bring on the applications!