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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/10/15

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Iowa State Football

PRINCE OMOILE. Offensive lineman Oni Omoile is actually Nigerian royalty.

REALLY NOT OUR SUPER BOWL. But Paul Rhoads weighs in on the perception that Iowa is the biggest game on Iowa State's schedule.

EFFECTIVE AND CONSISTENT. Bruce Feldman chats with Rhoads about Allen Lazard as a punt returner.

POPPIN' DUDES. Linebacker Jordan Harris believes there are bigger hits to come.

ALL THINGS RVTV. Our Cyclone Fanatic bros have a fun running blog of their RVTV travels, with Cy-Hawk updates throughout the rest of the week.

RUN GAME STRATEGY. Wally Burnham says the key to stopping Iowa's once questionable rushing game could be quickness.

ENTERTAINMENT FOR RECRUITS. Saturday is probably the best day to show prospective players what being a Cyclone is all about. Here's who's stopping by.

Iowa State Basketball

FALL RECRUITING PERIOD. It began yesterday, and here's who's on the docket.

Around The Country

ON MAKING COLLEGE FOOTBALL BETTER. The legend himself Faux Pelini has three easy ways to make college football better.

RIGHT IN THE JUNK. A's catcher Stephen Vogt took a foul tip to the jewels and says he's still in indescribable pain several days later.

A SEAHAWKS-COLTS SUPER BOWL? That's what Vegas says. Here are your updated SB50 odds.

NFL "PROS AND CONS." Jimmy Fallon has your pros and cons for the new season of NFL football, which kicks off tonight.

AFC/NFC PREVIEWS. The genius bar over at FiveThirtyEight has previewed and projected the 2015 NFL Season.

Podcasts and Interviews

LISTEN TO THIS. The EDSBS gang previews the game they call "El Assico" (the Cy-Hawk game) in this week's Shutdown Fullcast (click play around 44:50).

LISTEN TO THIS TOO. The Solid Verbal also discusses Iowa-ISU (click play around 17:20).

LOOK AT THIS AND THEN YOU CAN BE DONE. Our Overlord KFitzy87 sat down with Off Tackle Empire to talk Big 12.