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Reaction Time: Paul Rhoads vs Kirk Ferentz

Paul Rhoads has never been afraid of showing his emotions. The man is, quite simply, passionate about his football team. With tensions high and plenty at stake this weekend, let's examine how Paul Rhoads, a miniature sideline tornado, and Kirk Ferentz, a coach with the emotional capacity of a paperweight, would react to various situations.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The reactions fans have to on-the-field events during the course of a football game are always exciting and unique. As a fan, maybe your go-to move is double high-fiving those next to you after Iowa State scores a touchdown. And maybe after a Sam Richardson interception, you stare at the ground with both hands on top of your head. Or after a blown call by the officials, my personal favorite, I'm guessing you proceed to drop enough swear words to make a sailor blush with shame while all mothers in the immediate area scramble to cover their child's ears.

But what about the coaches? Surely the fearless leaders of their teams would still show some emotion throughout the course of a football game, right? Especially a game with as much at stake as the annual CyHawk showdown... With that in mind, lets take a look at how Paul Rhoads and Kirk Ferentz would handle situations both on and off the field.

How Paul Rhoads and Kirk Ferentz would react to:

The defense forcing a three and out

Getting in position for a chip shot field goal, only to have the kicker miss it?

Their defense getting pushed all over the field on a 85 yard drive that leads to an opponent touchdown

Converting on a fake punt, which then leads to a score

The officials finally making a good call after hosing their team all game

The quarterback hitting a receiver for a long touchdown

ANYTHING good happening to the offense or defense

Calling "island" in beer pong and nailing the shot

Being on the toilet and realizing you're out of toilet paper

Getting hit on by a hot coed at the bar

Ordering a 10 piece Chicken McNugget meal and getting 11 instead

Watching someone back into their car at the mall

Seeing their celebrity crush in public

And last but not least....

Running out of gum on the sideline