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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/11/15

Iowa State Football

THREE HEADS > ONE HEAD. Can the monster three heading rushing attack prove to be effective against Iowa's stout front four this weekend?

THE MAMBA IS IN. Sack Mamba, aka Dale Pierson, is living up to his Twitter handle and invoking memories of Jason Berryman on the outside.

JUST THE TIP(PIE). Coming to Ames tomorrow? Here are some tips (read: don't be an asshat).

H8 H8 H8. My Hate Week podcast with Patrick Vint and Adam Jacobi at BHGP is live. Spoiler alert: we talk ANAL.

MANGINO ON THE IOWA D. As the headline says, Mangino previews Iowa's D.

BURNHAM ON THE (HOPEFULLY NOT BIG) O. Again, doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what he's talking about.

WEATHER ALERT. It's going to be really f'n nice tomorrow.


SEZ 4 PREZ. The South End Zone project has revitalized the Cyclone football program and possibly the entire university.

'CRUITIN. Big day tomorrow for Paul Rhoads as prospects for the 2016 class are visiting a packed Jack Trice Stadium.

Iowa State Basketball

MORE 'CRUITIN. Not to be outdone, Steve Prohm will have visitors at tomorrow's game as well.

Around the Country

YER CHEATIN' HEART. Did the Patriots pipe their radio broadcast in to the Steelers' head sets last night to disrupt play calling? Based on their history: probably.

QUESTIONABLE, BUT ILLEGAL? Big Ben isn't pleased with a defensive line shift employed by the Patriots that gave the Steelers a false start.

DUCKS VS SPARTY. The biggest match up of this college football weekend is Oregon traveling to East Lansing to face Michigan State.

THERE ARE MORE GAMES! But there are more games this weekend, and here's Grantland's preview.

NO ONE MAN SHOULD HAVE ALL THAT POWER. Why power running works, with examples from seemingly everywhere.