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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/14/15

Iowa State Football

OFFENSIVE OFFENSE. Chris Williams talks about the awful offensive performance, especially in the second half. Travis Hines examines the same problem.

LINEMEN THE PROBLEM. Paul Rhoads is adamant that the line caused the rushing problems, not the running backs.

UNDERDOGS. Iowa State is a 6.5 dog to Toledo, freshly off an upset of Arkansas.

THANK GOD. Jordan Harris seems to think Demond Tucker will be back by next weekend.

TRUMPTAILGATE. Kevin Trahan spent the afternoon at Donald Trump's tailgate. It sounded awful.

Around The Country

GOING FOR MISS AMERICA OR GOODELL'S JOB? Miss America contestant had to answer a Deflategate question.

PREDICTION GONE WRONG. If you predict 1-0 and it doesn't happen, expect to be dumped on.

MARIOTA UP. Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota both threw TDs on their first drives... to the same team.

CRAZY CATCHING PRACTICE. Odell Beckham Jr. practices catching passes on his back.

MAYBE NOT THE BEST TIME TO CELEBRATE. When you're getting blown out.

RISKY. The logic is sort of there, but tackling your own player seems riskier than just letting him take it for a TD.


BICYCLE GLORY. Christian Benteke, take a bow.

HEY, SAM TRIED TO DO THIS ONCE. It went much more effectively for Vernon Adams though.

CAT SINGLET. Fashion week at MMA fights.

WHAT'S AUBURN'S PROBLEM? How does a preseason top 10 team nearly lose to Jacksonville State?