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This Week In GIFs: Iowa

A tale of two halves also means a schizophrenic set of GIFs.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa State Is Making Field Goals Again and Scoring The First Touchdown? EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.

Jauan Wesley Got Into The Stick'um Again.

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CJ Beathard On 3rd and Longs

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4th and Short? Riverboat Gambler Rhoads Has Been Replaced By This Guy.

Kirk Ferentz Is Calling For Fake Field Goals?

The Second Half Offense:

Jordan Canzeri Fumbles It At The 7 Yard Line!

But Iowa State punts it away and Beathard throws a TD.

But Maybe The Offense Can Tie It Up?

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If You Were On The Hype Train, This Is How You Felt After The Game:

Anyway, How's That Hype Train Looking Now?

Months Of Dealing With Gloating Hawk Fans. WONDERFUL.

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