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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/16/15

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Iowa State Football

ONE TOUGH DUDE. Great feature from Fox Sports on what Kamari Cotton-Moya has been through.

LIKE A SON. Running backs coach Terry Ayeni describes his relationship with Toledo's Kareem Hunt.

CHANGED FOR THE BETTER. How military school and a possession charge changed Jarnor Jones' life.

SCHEME PROBLEM. Rhoads and Mangino think the blocking scheme is the key to solving the run game issues, not the personnel.

NOT SHOCKED. That's how Rhoads felt about Toledo upsetting Arkansas last week.

Iowa State Basketball

GEORGES Q&A. Our favorite guy with a silent "s" in his name answered some questions for HoopsHD.

Around The Country

SO-RAWR-ITY. A University of Iowa sorority leader got arrested for peeing on the floor of a frozen yogurt shop.

HATIN' THE AGGIES. Jason Kirk hopes the next Texas AD hates Texas A&M.

STUPID REPORTERS. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho tells a reporter to "Google" him.

GOD AWFUL. That's all I can say to describe these new Houston Rockets alternate jerseys.

WRONG TEAM. The Indians' fireworks guy set them off after the Royals hit a home run.

MOMMA MARSHAWN. She wants the Seahawks' offensive coordinator fired.

GOT THEM GOOD GENES. Randy Moss' son plays tight end and is out there destroying people on the field.

OUR KIND OF GOALIE. This college goalie got ejected for chugging a beer mid-game.

NINE MINUTE FUMBLE. That's how long this Madden glitch goes on for.

GROSS. Hershey's came out with a candy corn bar and you'll either want to try it or gag at the thought.

FURIOUS 7. The Honest Trailer version.