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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/17/15

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Iowa State Football

KNOW THY SELF, KNOW THY ENEMY. Our Hustle Belt bros preview this weekend's showdown with Toledo.

CYCLONE SCUTTLEBUTT. Dirty Randy and Tommy Birch talk Rockets-Cyclones too.

THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE. Ryan Nanni appreciates WRNL's compendium of inadvertent commenter poetry from the Cy-Hawk game thread.

NOT GREAT, BOB. Here's Sam Richardson explaining everything that went wrong against Iowa in 30 seconds.


Iowa State Basketball

BLUE RIBBON PRESEASON TOP 25. Iowa State, joined in the rankings by Kansas and Oklahoma, comes in at No. 8.

EMMANUEL MALOU. Decision day could be coming soon as the Yuba College PF mulls over 10 D-I offers, including ISU, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, West Virginia and Oregon.

Around The Country

RUGBY WORLD CUP. It starts tomorrow. Here are some highlights from the last one in 2011.

I SHOULD TRY THAT. Golfer Rickie Fowler says betting on early week practice rounds helps prepare him for the weekend.

SOUTH PARK. Trey Parker and Matt Stone started in on DeflateGate and didn't stop.

BRYCE, SO NICE. Despite the Nationals massively underachieving in 2015, 22 year old Bryce Harper is having a historic year — home run No. 40 came last night.

THE KYLE FLOOD REPORT. Rutgers football and Kyle Flood are in scalding hot water. Ryan Nanni points out nine really dumb things from the university's report on its recently suspended head coach.

A WEAK MAC SCHEDULE? Here, you read this and try to figure out of Bret Bielema is fucking around.

HERM ONLY WANTS ALABAMA. Houston announced yesterday that they're done playing FCS teams.

BURN THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION DOWN. The NCAA is suspending Ole Miss OL Laremy Tunsil multiple games for keeping a loaner car too long while his was in the shop — an impermissible benefit.

PITT LOOK-ALIKES. Hawkeye Report has a hilarious thread running ahead of Saturday's matchup with the Panthers.