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WRNL is on Apple News!

Your favorite Iowa State website can now be viewed on your mobile device in a nifty new format!

The introduction of Apple's latest operating system, iOS 9, came with a few new features for iPhone users. One of those was the brand new Apple News app, which gives you the power to customize the news you receive on your cell phone by choosing your favorite sources of stories and information.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well it is, especially because you have the option of selecting Wide Right & Natty Lite as one of the channels you follow! Simply search for "WRNL" or "Wide Right & Natty Lite" and we should pop up under the "channels" section... Go ahead and click the "+" button and BAM, you've got the latest WRNL stories right there on your mobile device. Missed field goals and cheap beer, at the tips of your fingers (or something like that).

Set WRNL as One of Your "Favorites!"

Apple News 1

Read Stories with a Spiffy-Looking Format!

Apple News 3

With this update, you'll never miss any of the stories we publish! AWESOME, right?

Go Cyclones!