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Texas Finally Comes Around To The Idea That Big 12 Refs Are Terrible

After being on the receiving end of a batch of horrible calls on Saturday, Texas has seemingly just now realized that Big 12 officiating might be sub-par.

Texas lost on Saturday on a batch of calls that even the most hardened Sooner fan would admit were a little questionable. To the rest of the conference, it was more of a "ho-hum, Big 12 Refs" moment, but apparently Texas is unaccustomed to such a display of bad calls. One of my personal favorite SB Nation sister sites, Barking Carnival, wrote a scathing review of the officials that can be summarized as, "The officials were so terrible it was like it they did it on purpose!"

The rest of the Big 12 rolled its collective eyes, and here in Ames we pointed to our infamous "Apology Wall."

Apology Wall

So here we are. @Big12Refs has been an active Twitter account for over 2.5 years and Texas FINALLY gets why. But you're not alone Texas, there are others who have been a little slow to come around.

Here's some examples:

John Hammond admits velociraptors might be a problem

Actor Richard Attenborough played park creator, Dr. John Hammond, in the Jurassic Park movie series. Sure, it took a half dozen brutal raptor killings, a T-Rex destroying the lobby and a couple sequels, but Dr. Hammond eventually questioned the decision to bring dinosaurs back to life...

Kirk Ferentz realizes C.J. Beathard might be the better quarterback

Fans, media, opponents, and the people of most other industrialized nations realized C.J. Beathard was the better choice over now-Wolverine Jake Rudock. However, Ferentz wasn't so sure...

South Carolina finally recognizes MLK Day as a holiday in 2000

2000?!?! Holy crap Gamecocks, that is a shockingly late year. According to random internet sources, before 2000, you could choose to either take MLK Day off or any of three other confederate holidays. The South, everybody...

Nebraska fans acknowledge their program is not a national power

In the year 2189, after firing yet another lazer-space-football coach for only going 151-80 over three seasons, the fanbase finally begins to question if going undefeated is an attainable goal. Tom Osborg remains AD...


Lois Lane finds out Clark Kent is Superman

The classic "Captain Obvious" story before #TexasRefereeGate dethroned it was the love triangle of Kent-Lane-Superman, held together by a pair of glasses and an awfully oblivious Lois Lane...

ESPN discovers there are more athletes than LeBron James, Tom Brady and Tim Tebow

It turns out, there are these things called SPORTS which have LEAGUES that feature things called TEAMS that constantly create HIGHLIGHTS during games! AMAZING...

Tiger Woods' wife learns Eldrick likes to play around with other women

"What? So you're telling me 'finishing a quick nine holes' doesn't mean he's going to the golf course?"

You know nothing, Jon Snow

Millions of female viewers realize they've just sat through five seasons of gratuitous violence and nudity in Game of Thrones just to watch Jon Snow die in the snow with but a single love scene to his name.

Now that you know what kind of company you're in, Longhorns, please don't kick us out of the Big 12. With love, WRNL.