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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/28/15

Iowa State Football

2:30 FOR TECH. Kickoff for Iowa State at TTU has been announced.

BLUM REMAINING POSITIVE. Brent Blum tries to convince us all to remain optimistic about Iowa State's football season.

BREAKING OUT. Michael Warren is using what he learned in high school to move atop the Iowa State depth chart.

BYE WEEK ARREST. Well, it was bound to happen when there's no game. MIP for Jordan Wallace.

Iowa State Volleyball

SWEEP! Iowa State started the Big 12 season by sweeping Texas Tech.

Around The Country

TACO TECH IS VERY TACO-Y. Throwing tortillas is a thing.

WHY NOT MEMPHIS? Can Memphis make a run for the playoff?

LSU GOING TO SYRACUSE WAS AMAZING. And not just because Leonard Fournette is ridiculous.

WHAT HAPPENED TO OREGON? A meltdown against Utah has Bill Connelly defending the Ducks.

THIS PUNT RETURN COVERAGE IS ONE PROBLEM. Utah, pulling out the trickery.

JJ WATT LIKES COOL THINGS. If you don't love Saved By The Bell, there's something wrong with you.

WORST PLAY IN NFL HISTORY. Brandon Marshall doesn't mince words when discussing his screw ups.

BACK TO BACK. It sounds good, until you realize it's interceptions for Colin Kaepernick.

BRYCE'S HAIR WON. Bryce Harper and Jonathan Papelbon do battle in the dugout.