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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/3/15

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WRNL College Football Pick'em

FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS. Click this. Group ID#: 10698. Password: Cyclones2015. You'll be picking all Top 25 and Big 12 games, against the spread (ATS), with confidence points (like our bowl pick'em). Your pick set should be your WRNL username. Picks lock five minutes before the first kickoff, so you have until 5:55 PM tomorrow. Get registered and good luck!

On This Day in History
SEPTEMBER 3, 1977. Yomiuri Giants (Japan) first baseman Sadaharu Oh hits his 756th career home run, surpassing Hank Aaron's world record.
Iowa State Football

D'VARIO MONTGOMERY. He has about thirty reasons to believe he'll be better in 2015.

FUCK CANCER, GO MITCH. You better believe Mitchell Meyers will be in attendance on Saturday.

OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, THE NCAA. Max Dible talks about the Noskowiak departure and how the NCAA is picking its battles.

MOTIVATION. According to the one and only Jeff Woody, it's a reason to be concerned about Northern Iowa.

BUT IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T HEARD. We're sold out. Here's a synopsis of the response from Hawk Twitter.

Iowa State Basketball

WHAT'S NEXT? Alex Halsted has the lowdown on the scholarship situation, Prohm's targets and more.

YOU ALREADY KNOW. The most high-impact senior in 2015-16? It's ya boi (congrats to Marcus Paige, too).

Seattle Mariners

THAT'S THE SERIES. The M's took the rubber match with Houston 8-3 and now trail Texas by 8.0 games for the second AL Wild Card.

Around The Country

THE BEST KIND OF HOME RUN. Ruben Tejada went ITP against the Phillies, which is peak Phillies.

KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKERSHAW. This is merely a game recap, but you should know Clayton Kershaw fanned 15 San Francisco Giants last night. That is good.

SOCIAL MEDIA CLAIMS ANOTHER. Nebraska PA announcer Jon Schuetz was fired for Facebook comments criticizing the university's firing of Bo Pelini. My friends, we are a baby lotion soft species.

PROBABLY BECAUSE HE CAN'T SHOOT. Dwight Howard is getting off scot free for waltzing into an airport with a loaded handgun in his bag. I apologize for that first joke.

DATA IS BEAUTIFUL. Texas Tech is playing its 1,000th game in program history this weekend, so a Red Raider fan graphed how each college football team fared through its first 1,000 games.

NFL SEASON PREVIEW. Lest we forget, there is more football upcoming. SB Nation has the only 2015 preview you need.

DJOKER. Novak Djokavic danced with a fan at the U.S. Open.

THE LORD'S WORK. SBN's Rodger Sherman has outlined how you can watch more than 40 hours of college football this weekend.

THE WIZARD. Bill Synder OF COURSE tops the list of best college football coaches against the spread.

NICK SABAN TO THE COLTS. Just hear me out for a sec.

PLEASE RISE FOR THE ANTHEM OF THE PEOPLE. Welcome to college football, knuckleheads. Go State.