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Keep An Eye On: Dale Pierson and That Glimmer of Hope Still Buried Deep Inside You

We at WRNL realize that while some people attempt to absorb entire plays at a time, a lot of fans watch single players between snaps. Consider this your weekly guide to the Cyclone most deserving of your down-to-down eyeball tracking.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or not, this Cyclones football squad is about three late game minutes from an undefeated record heading into the Kansas match up this Saturday. I get it, optimism isn't as publicly accepted or nearly as much fun (#LaneKiffinToISU2k16), but this team isn't that far off.

Rant aside, if you need proof of it, and will only accept case-by-case evidence, look at what Dale Pierson has been doing so far this season. Five sacks in three games doesn't even begin to quantify Pierson's influence on jump starting a defensive line that has been dismal in years past.

So what's the purpose of this article? It's to allow you, as a fan, to decide how you view the output of this team. Do you choose to look at a final score that shows losses to a MAC team and Iowa (what's the difference AMIRITE *knee slap* *sobs uncontrollably*)? Or do you prefer to see the potential of a season not yet lost?

If it's the former, I can stop writing now and turn this article into an open letter to Lane Kiffin, offering the companionship of our coaches' daughters and donors' wives in order to lure The Kiff away from Tuscaloosa. I'm not too against this option myself, actually.

But if you choose to not lose all enjoyment towards an entire sport three games into the season, just watch Dale Pierson. Do it for me partly, yes, but do it for your own sanity. They're not a herd of prepubescent middle school mathletes being shoved out onto the field to be slaughtered in public each week... They're really not that bad. There will be potential All-Big 12 talent running onto the field at Jack Trice on Saturday, and believe me, it won't be in crimson and blue.

Do what you want, I'm just a post, not the police. But give it a chance. Even if you don't think so, Dale "Sack Mamba" Pierson proves there are at least some Cyclones who are actually fun to watch.