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Something's Fishy Between Jamie Pollard and Fred Hoiberg

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As if the penny-pinching wasn't bad enough...

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

If you're a Cyclone fan with access to the internet and a pulse, chances are by now you've read the report from Travis Hines about Fred Hoiberg's relationship with athletic director Jamie Pollard. The shocking accusations from many unnamed, high level sources not only hint at a rocky relationship between the two contributing to Hoiberg leaving Iowa State, but point to whole sale cheapskatery when it came to financing men's the basketball program.

And on top of all that, an even more shocking accusation was brought to light shortly after the story broke. This one, however, came from someone bold enough to stand up and "put their name on it" and "say it with their chest", despite being sent via Twitter. SO. Who is this hero, a man bold enough to stand up to the Iowa State establishment and tell us the truth, not that we need, but that we deserve? And what is this even more shocking, unbelievable accusation??

The hero is none other than former Iowa State kicker, Grant Mahoney. And the accusation? Pollard not only pinches pennies, but he also has fish hands as well.

The only question that remains to be answered is if Pollard will respond to the cries of angry fans, or if he will continue to Flounder over this hot-button issue...