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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/4/15

This dump is filled with football goodness. One day to game day.

Iowa State Football

JACK TRICE THROUGH THE YEARS. This video illustrating the history of Jack Trice Stadium is worth three and a half minutes of your time.

DRINK YER WATER. It's going to be hot, and crowded, tomorrow. Here are some tips to making the best out of Saturday.

MANGINO BREAKS DOWN UNI. Mark Mangino provided a break down of UNI's defense for, and there's one consistent theme: they're aggressive.

BURNHAM BREAKS DOWN UNI. Wally Burnham does the same, but for UNI's offense, and there's one consistent theme: no one knows what the hell is going on out there.

JUCO TAKEOVER. The JUCOs want to make a lasting impact this season, and they're going to do anything they can to make sure it happens.

ADVERSITY TRAINING. Instead of holding the guys underwater to build toughness, the coaches decided to put the players in moments similar to ones they faced last year to help them learn how to cope with adversity.

KNOTT COMPLAINING ANYMORE. Puns aside, here's a great write up on the perspective Mitchell Meyer's cancer battle provided to oft-injured Luke Knott.

Around the Country

ABOUT LAST NIGHT. We learned some things last night: Like TCU struggling with Minnesota, and Michigan not being instantly great under Jim Harbaugh, and that Colorado got screwed in the middle of the night.

THANKS VANDY. Vanderbilt covered against Western Kentucky, but lost the chance to win on this failed two point conversion.

MEET RECE. Rece Davis is familiar in these parts, but here's the mothership's long form on the new College Gameday host.

CRASHING THE PARTY. A new season means new storylines for the College Football Playoff, including a resurgent Boise State trying to crash the party.

THE BIG STARS. Meet the 2015 college football all-stars.

HOW TO MAKE A HOCKEY. Ever wonder how a pro rink is made? Watch this.

INTIMIDATION IS CUDDLY. The Nuggets mascot blows up a kid playing football and then taunts him.

BRADY IS DRAGO. The Patriots were going to raise a Tom Brady banner if he were suspended. Seriously.