Top 5 Songs I'd Like to Hear Played in Jack Trice Stadium

Sevendust's Lajon Witherspoon - Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Full disclosure: I'm a rock fan, so you won't be finding any country, rap, hip hop or classical music in this list. If you're going to skim through for one of those genres, you might as well close this page and save your time.

These are some of the songs I think would work well for football games in Jack Trice Stadium. I included how I'd see them being used, as well as the lyrics from each song that remind me most of Iowa State and Cyclone football.

Don't agree with me? SCREW YOU Let me know what you didn't like in the comment section.

5. Ashes Armada - "Knock Off"

How I'd Use It: Hit tape, or use the first 20 seconds for a filler song between plays.

Iowa State Relatable Lyrics: "Yeah, yeah. You can take me down. But no one can take me out."

4. Metallica - "Suicide and Redemption"

How I'd Use It: Play from :17-:49 leading up to kickoff.

Iowa State Relatable Lyrics: No lyrics in the song.

3. Disturbed - "Immortalized"

How I'd Use It: Hit tape.

Iowa State Relatable Lyrics: "In the call before the storm, another legend will be born" (OKAY IT DOESN'T RELATE TO ISU RIGHT NOW, BUT A MAN CAN DREAM... RIGHT?)

2. MUSE - "Reapers"

How I'd Use It: The outro from 4:30 to the end would be perfect for a pregame highlight reel I think. It already features a siren that sounds similar to the "Cyclone warning!"

Iowa State Relatable Lyrics: "I'm just a pawn, and we're all expendable." (Sad face)

1. Sevendust - "Splinter"

How I'd Use It: Hit tape!

Iowa State Relatable Lyrics: "In your space I feel lesser than human, a slave. Pushed down with shame on my face."

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