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It's officially hate week! The Big Ten Network taped a promo featuring Kirk Ferentz ... and a nest.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

WRNL first impressions:

"I think that's eggsactly the kind of thing that will sell more tickets"


"Ummm ... That nest looks like subsidized housing to me"

"This is some kind of yolk right?"

"Why doesn't his face move? Is Kirk wearing a Kirk mask?"

"Oooooh a nest! At first I thought they were implying a POV Ferentz BJ"

"No, no, Kirk, they said you were RESTING on your laurels"

"Eggstremely awkward"

"My wife did the same thing in the third trimester"

"A little birdy tells me that's pretty fucked up"

"I'm Chris Hansen, please take a seat ... in this uh ... nest"

"Talk to me, Goose!"

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