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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/8/15

Iowa State Football

INTERVIEWS WITH THE SATURDAY STARS. Here's the post game comments from defensive stat stuffer Dale Pierson and new punt returner Allen Lazard.

BURTON MIGHT BE BACK. Daniel Burton, Iowa State's best lineman, may be ready this weekend.

MORE THAN JUST A KNEE. Quenton Bundrage is out to prove more than just his knee is OK this season.

RHOADS REFLECTS AND PREDICTS. Paul Rhoads sums up what happened with UNI, and previews the game that everyone loves to hate.

THE BIG MATCHUP. The Drew Ott-Jake Campos matchup is the big one to watch Saturday.

Iowa State Volleyball

NOT QUITE. Iowa State battled back from 2-0 down to force fifth set, but couldn't pull off the comeback.

Around The Country

SORRY, MAYBE. Kansas State's marching band apologized for any blowjob-related nuances you may have taken from their halftime show.

BUT WHY EVEN MAKE FUN OF THE JAYHAWKS? When Kansas seems quite good at losing in horrific fashion?

BRAXTON MILLER IS STILL GOOD. Even at a new position, athletes gonna athlete.

THIS IS LEGAL? It doesn't seem like playing football with a gold watch on should be a thing.

LET'S PROJECT AWAY! Notre Dame replaces Oregon in the CFP projections on the mothership.

TRUE FRESHMAN THINGS. UCLA's Josh Rosen didn't exactly have jitters in his first game.

CAN'T PICK? PULL A PAISLEY. Brad Paisley loves the split jerseys.

FAT GUY TD. Are always appreciated.

THE NEW JANIKOWSKI? To one up fat guy TD, here's fat guy kicker.

THAT SUMS IT UP. Texas was having a rough day on offense, and noted alum Jordan Spieth piled on.

OF COURSE. Bama fan has a BAMA artificial eye. Nobody is shocked.

GOT AN HOUR OR TWO? ESPN's new article on Spygate to Deflategate is a fascinating novella.