Cyclone Verses 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

Second verse, same as the first. A little bit louder and a whole lot worse.

Only 30% of the people that voted on my first post threatened to hunt me down and kill me to end this torture of the written word, so that seems like a positive endorsement to me.

Editors Note -- This post was cleaned up sightly due to:

  1. The kerfuffle about the KSU Marching Band and a not-so-precisely-executed-formation. Funny as it is (and I find it fall out of my chair funny), as a former ISUCF"V"MB member I feel for them. I also remember a minor scandal the band caused when I was a freshman. Lets just say I'm glad I grew up before every stupid thing I did was recorded forever and broadcast to everyone. Those guys feel terrible.
  2. The untimely death of Tyler Sash. Bitter rivalry is part of what makes sports, especially college sports great, buts lets not blow this out of proportion. After all, we aren't from Alabama.

Like last time I opened with my opus. That's music nerd speak for "Big, long song I'm proud of" so I'll do the same again this time. All artists need inspiration and some look to peace, love and the beauty it creates. I am not an artist and this is Cy-Hawk Week; AKA Hate Week. So please enjoy my rendition of All I Like Hate About You.

What I hate about you

What I hate about you

You're just not right

Tell us it's our Super Bowl

Then get drunk and pick out a fight, ...yeah

Fear whispering in your ear

Could we lose to State for another year?

Yes it's true

That's what we're going to do to you

What I hate about you

You're so damn smug

Spend a day, with your kind?

Instead I think I'll just have to bug, ...out

Fear whispering in your ear

Soon your tears will water down your luke warm beer

Yes it's true

Best of all it's your last brew

(This is where you dance around and do air guitar to a harmonica solo for reasons you can't fully explain)

What I hate about you

You're not all that

Look at all the teams you play

That schedule is a pussy cat

Fear whispering in your ear

Fan support starting to disappear?

Yes it's true

That's what is happening to you

That's what is happening to you

That's what is happening to you!


What would a parody song/poetry post be without a limerick, here I give you two for one

The Rare Double Limerick (Clean version)

There once was a team on the snide

Who's fans just wanted to hide

But they beat UNI

With a smile eye to eye

Now we feel warm and fuzzy inside

So now we shall face those damn Hawks

And knock their fans off of their squawk box

May our kicker not miss

Achieve Offensive bliss

And our Defense should clean their clocks

Lets finish the post with a short song from our childhood because that's when most Hawkeyes end their education.

Lazard doesn't need a Candlestick

Allen be nimble,

Allen be quick

Allen caught a punt that wasn't a good kick

Allen runs left

Allen runs right

Allen fielding punts is more than alright

As before, please get your rhyme on and please add to the silly in the comments.

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