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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/9/15

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RIP, Tyler Sash

The former Iowa Hawkeye safety passed away on Tuesday. He was only 27 years old.

Iowa State Football

WE HAVE THE BEST FANS. The list of programs Iowa State out-drew on opening weekend is impressive.

PREPPING FOR THE IOWA O. Wally Burnham says Iowa is same-old Iowa offensively, but quarterback C.J. Beathard is a game-changer.

CAMPOS OTT TO BE READY. Iowa State's starting offensive tackle will have his hands full with Hawkeye defensive end Drew Ott.

DID YOU LIKE THE 3-4? Well too bad, because you'll probably see more 4-3 against Iowa's offense this weekend.

PLANET NETTEN. Looking back on the Cy-Hawk game winner last year, Cole "Swoll" Netten says he loves the pressure situations.

Iowa State Basketball

ONE OF THE BEST. The mothership includes Georges Niang as one of their best seniors in the nation.

Iowa State Olympic Sports

SHE'S FAST! Cyclone runner Evelyne Guay was named the Big 12 Runner of the Week after placing first at the Hawkeye Early Bird Invitational.

SHE'S DEFENSIVE! ISU soccer player Lindsey Hendon won her second Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week award of 2015.

Around The Country

THE HERMANATOR. Former ISU assistant Tom Herman is determined to build up Houston's football program.

BROKE. Spencer Hall of EDSBS with a strong take on why athletes should be paid.

BRUNO AGAIN? Despite performing just two years ago, the NFL reportedly wants Bruno Mars back for Super Bowl 50.

NOT GOOD DEFENSE. This blunder by Yoenis Cespedes led to an inside-the-park homerun for the Nationals.

KEVIN DURANT: CONFIDENT. The Thunder's star small forward still believes he's the best player in the world.

THAT POOR DEFENDER. This 12 year old soccer player unleashed a devastating spin move before scoring a goal.

HIGHER STAKES. Michael Jordan used to bet $100K on games of rock, paper, scissors.

BIRDS OF A FEATHER. Tom Brady says Donald Trump is a good friend of his.

I'M TRYING TO GET YOU HOOKED. Here's this week's Honest Trailer, for those of you who've seen The Happening.