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Naz Mitrou-Long: Fashion Icon

He may not be dropping shots from beyond the arc, but he's still dropping looks hotter than Blue Steel.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

We here on the staff of WRNL pride ourselves in our collective sense of impeccable fashion. I like to think I skew that average much higher than it was prior to my "hiring." With that in mind, I've assigned myself the task of reporting on the many looks of our favorite bench motivator, Nazareth Mitrou-Long. I'm here to review each look and give you the skinny on how to recreate this look for yourself!

vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff: Bench and Sensibility

Naz Long - UAPB

In the first half of the game vs. University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff, Naz was sporting a sophisticated look made up of a checked shirt under a sensible but classy button down sweater. The look was completed with dark dress pants and brown loafers, sans socks. In the second half, Naz opted for a "down to business look" with the sweater removed and the sleeves rolled to the elbows.

Naz Long - UAPB 2nd Half

This look is incredibly versatile and highly professional. The choice of footwear is comfortable and approachable for a long 40 minutes coaching from the sideline.

Rating: 8/10. Result: W +14

Recreating the Magic:

To achieve this instant classic, grab your favorite checkered or plaid shirt and roll the sleeves. Be sure the top button is buttoned, to keep the look tight. Add your favorite pair of Jámiè Póllard Brand black jeans ($9.99 at Cy's Locker Room) and your well-broken-in house slippers. If you're headed out, throw on a black pea coat or sweater. If you'll be enjoying the game from the comfort of your living room, rock out in your bathrobe or blanket.

vs. Northern Iowa: Sweat it Out

Naz Long - UNI 2

A gray high-collared sweater, dark pants, and brown dress shoes provide a twist on a closet staple. The brown shoes soften the darkness of the rest of the look. It's a combination worthy of an honorary team assistant.

Rating: 8.5/10. Result: L -2

Recreating the Magic:

I advise trying this look on your next date. It's classy enough that your significant other will appreciate your efforts, but leaves you secretly comfortable all evening. Start out with your Jámiè Póllard Brand black jeans from the previous look. Soak a white pair of shoes in coffee overnight to get the correct shade of brown (brew to desired strength). Cut the hood off of a gray hoodie about 5" from the collar seam and remove the strings. You can wear this with or without a shirt underneath - whatever leaves you most comfortable.

at Cincinnati: Next Man In

Naz Long - Cincinnati

This look is flexible—it makes the perfect outfit to travel in on the team bus and doubles as an appropriate outfit on the sidelines. His cardinal warm-up pants blend nicely with the overall look of the rest of the team. The t-shirt is understated with a simple message of support for the university. The white Adidas shoes complete the look with a bright accent.

Rating: 7/10. Result: W +2

Recreating the Magic:

This comfortable, classy streetwear ensemble begins with your favorite Iowa State t-shirt. From there, a broken in pair of sweatpants or sleep pants adds the needed cardinal pop. Round out the look by stealing your dad or grandfather's white New Balance sneakers and a pair of compression tube socks.

vs. Coppin State: Rise and Fire, Stand and Deliver

Naz Long - Coppin State 1

In a look that is part dressy casual, part inspirational high school teacher, and part middle school dance chaperone, this outfit is a real crowd pleaser. A blue short sleeve button-down (sleeves cuffed!) adds an edgy flair to a combination usually reserved for the contemporary church service on Sunday morning.

Naz Long - Coppin State 2

The khaki jeans support this look perfectly, and the white Adidas shoes round things out. The jeans are worn slightly sagged to pair with the cuffs of the sleeves. This look has so many uses, it would be irresponsible not to rate it near perfect.

Rating: 9.5/10. Result: W +20

Recreating the Magic:

This look is a breeze to imitate at home, even on a low budget! Cut the sleeves off of that old dress shirt you have in the back of your closet. Bleach your least favorite pair of jeans or grab a pair of RhoadsRage Brand khakis ($4.5m at the ISU Bookstore) and pair with the shoes you've told your dad AT LEAST three times you didn't steal from him.

at Oklahoma: Tuta Velluto a la Ciclone

Naz Long - OU

Retro is in again with this sporty sideline get up. A gray track suit with cardinal accents composes this entire look. It's simple and functional and differentiates Naz from the rest of the bench.

Rating: 5/10. Result: L -4

Recreating the Magic:

To achieve this look, pull the sleeves and neck of a cardinal turtleneck sweater through a grey crewneck sweatshirt. Don your favorite gray sweatpants and the white shoes that SERIOUSLY DAD. STOP ASKING IF I TOOK THEM 'CUZ I DIDN'T.

vs. Texas Tech: 50 Shades of Play

Naz Long - TTU

A monochromatic get-up that any Goth or theater student would envy is a win in any location. Dark pants with dark socks sit with a simple gray t-shirt for a flattering look. The low-rise Converse shoe ties the look together for another sideline winner. Being the only look that garnered a conference victory earns this look bonus points.

Rating: 11/10. Result: W +7

Recreating the Magic:

This combo is simple for anyone to pull off and combines pieces that can be reused from other looks. This look is not complete without the black and white shoe, which can be achieved by working black shoe polish strategically into a pair of white New Balance sneakers.

vs. Baylor: Greaser Módern

Naz Long - Baylor

A little bit grunge, a little bit greaser, this look is perfect for those pesky Saturday afternoon games. You want to look fly so you don't have to change before going out for the evening, and this look accomplishes exactly that. A white t-shirt with subtle gray accents pairs with a distressed jean and is completed with a pop of color from a cardinal basketball shoe.

Rating: 9/10. Result: L -5

Recreating the Magic:

This look is incredibly easy to replicate. Begin by adhering a strip of duct tape to each side of an old undershirt. Pair it with that-pair-of-jeans-that-you-said-you-were-going-to-wash-three-weeks-ago-but-haven't-gotten-around-to-yet-becasue-you-don't-have-a-full-load to get the worn look. Cover a pair of black and white New Balance sneakers with bright red duct tape and you're all set!

Advancing the Statistics

In addition to our impeccable fashion sense, we here at WRNL also pride ourselves in the ability to advance the statistics. Fashion proves to be no exception!

Raw Averages:

Average Rating: 8.3/10

Overall Result (W-L): 4-3

Advanced Breakdowns (sponsored by UltraTech Tin Foil Hats):

FL:W Ratio (Fly Looks to Wins): 1.75:1

WS:W Ratio (White Shoes to Wins): 0.8:1