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The Mid-Morning Dump: We Already Miss Alan Rickman

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On This Day in Sports History

JANUARY 14, 1973. The Miami Dolphins became the first team in NFL history to finish with an undefeated season, beating the Washington Redskins 14-7 in Super Bowl VII.

Iowa State Basketball

I KNOW WHAT YOU DIDN'T DO LAST SUMMER. Uncle Randy reminds us that things could be a lot different had Steve Prohm been able to pad the bench.

FROM AMES TO MINNEAPOLIS. Bryanna Fernstrom has returned to her home state and will transfer to the University of Minnesota. She'll be eligible in the spring of 2017.

BREAKING DOWN THE STRUGGLE. We're going to keep talking about bad defense until we throw up.

MIDSEASON FINALIST. The list of Wooden Award candidates has been cut to 25, and Georges Niang is on it.

Iowa State Football

TROOPS ASSEMBLED. With the addition of new passing game coordinator Jim Hofher, Matt Campbell has officially hired a full staff.

TITLE GAME GETS GREEN LIGHT. At this stage in the game, Iowa State needs Big 12 expansion and some kind of scheduling loophole desperately. Instead, the Big 12 round robin gauntlet is here to stay. For now.

STAGE FIVE CLINGER. Elite all-state pick Shaun Beyer of Cedar Rapids Kennedy is all but a lock to wind up at Iowa, but that's not stopping Matt Campbell from making one final push.

ARE YOU SITTING DOWN? A great read on director of athletic communications Mike Green's Hall of Fame phone call with Troy Davis.

Around The Country

ALAN RICKMAN DEAD AT 69. "One of them was a Slytherin, and he was the bravest man I ever knew." Rest in peace, Snape.

THE NFL'S DARK NIGHT. Fantastic longform on Panthers hot talking, hard hitting cornerback Josh Norman.

COMPLETELY UNDER THE RADAR. Rams DE Chris Long masqueraded as a hopeful Powerball winner yesterday.

M-I-Z! Z OH SHIT! Now we know why Frank Haith bolted to Tulsa.

STOP LETTING HIM OUT OF THE LOCKER ROOM. Stephen Curry makes his second appearance in the MMD this week after pulling up from a country mile.

I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS. But you guys might.

WELL, THAT'S A LIFE CHOICE. Guess where Alabama's Mr. Football is playing his college ball next season... Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. It's UAB.