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The WRNL Hotbox: The Bowlsby Nominees

Let's nominate Big XII basketball players for stuff, shall we?


In honor of the Oscar Nominations that came out yesterday, the Hotbox is going to change gears to keep up with pop culture and try to some get #CLICKS. If you can remember back to last year, we celebrated the 1st Annual Bowlsby's. It was a magical and joyous occasion. And I tell you what, I really think the committee (ME) got it right! Really no snubs or surprises. Just good quality judgment of basketball related criteria.

But this year, we're going to break up the nominations and awards, because you know, #CLICKS. The nominees will be based off of play that has happened so far this year. We'll keep the same categories as last year - almost. We're going to get rid of "Best Costume Design" since Baylor left Adidas. They were the only ones having any fun besides KU. None of that "Best Animated Feature - Short Subject" crap around here. I need to keep your attention for at least another couple paragraphs.

Also, YOU PEOPLE aren't sending the Hotbox near enough of your questions about the Cyclones or the Universe. HELP ME, HELP YOU.

To the nominees:

Best Supporting Actor

This award will go to the most important player for a team who is not the main dude. This dude doesn't usually put up the most points. This dude is out there to give the the team a second deadly weapon, either on offense or defense. But if this dude performs, his team is usually in a great position to succeed.

The nominees are:

Jordan Woodard - OU

Isaiah Cousins - OU

Monte Morris - ISU

Wayne Selden - KU

Jaysean Paige - WVU

Rico Gathers - BU

The Hotbox seriously considered adding sweaty Ryan Spangler to this list, but that's just way too much Boomer Sooner for anyone to handle. Though it's a testament to how well OU is playing. They are the darlings of this year's Bowlsby's. If they continue to play they way they are, they very well could run the table. The rest of dudes on here are the second option (Seldon can sometimes be first) on good teams...except Iowa State (PANIC). Monte can just be that good.

Best Actor

This award is essentially the Big XII MVP award. This is the dude the Best Supporting Actor is supporting so he can ball the hell out. Not much explanation here.

The nominees are:

Buddy Hield - OU

Georges Niang - ISU

Perry Ellis - KU

Devin Williams - WVU

Isaiah Taylor - UT

We should all know this is Buddy Hield's to lose at this point. Hell, the NATIONAL Player of the Year is his to lose already. He has been just that damn good. He's averaging over 26 PPG and is shooting a dick-throbbing 51% from three. That's kray-kray y'all. And pay no attention to the fact that his Best Supporting Actor pal, Jordan Woodard, is shooting 55%. OU is quite silly this year.

A couple long-shots were thrown in there at the end in Williams and Taylor. The only way they have a chance at this award is if their teams take over the Big XII from OU and KU, and kick ass doing it.

Georges Niang is the Leonardo DiCaprio of the group. So many great performances over the years, but no wins. Leo might change that with his grunting performance in The Revenant, but can Georges bring ISU back from the brink? HE BETTER.

Best Director

This Bowlsby will go to the dude who has directed his team with the most grace and success. Some might call this the Coach of the Year Award. But this is the Bowlsby's so we're sticking with this whole Oscar schtick.

The nominees are:

Bill Self - KU

Lon Kruger - OU

Bob Huggins - WVU

Scott Drew - BU

Fred Hoiberg - Chicago Bulls

This are all your top teams being led by their TOP MAN. Well, minus Fred Hoiberg. He is on the list because IOWA STATE IS 1-3 IN CONFERENCE AND I NEED TO BURN SOMETHING. So obviously, Iowa State is missing SOMETHING. And he's in the NBA and others are not so again, he is better. These are facts that cannot be disputed. I expect Dreamy to be the winner at season's end.

Bob Huggins is currently leading for those of you who don't accept math and science.

Best Picture

This award will go to the team that has performed the best so far this year. So many great teams that will be remembered. Truley, a year that will be celebrated for the ages.

The nominees are:

The Kansas Jayhawks

The Oklahoma Sooners

The West Virginia Mountaineers

If you didn't know, The Academy has started nomination however many movies they feel should be nominated for a given year. So there is no certain amount of films that will be nominated - they do what they want. And this year they left out Star Wars - The Force Awakens. I know, I know, you nerds are CRUSHED. Iowa State is Star Wars. For us Cyclone nerds, there was so much damn hype for this team. They have had and will have huge commercial success (attendance). But in the end, us nerds won't get the nomination we were hoping for. It will take a heroic effort to prove the Hotbox wrong. AND I HOPE THEY DO, DAMMIT.

If you have a question for the Hotbox (AND YOU DAMN WELL BETTER), we'll return to our normal stuff next week. Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, and definitely the comments below.