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The Mid-Morning Dump - It Ain't Easy

Steve Prohm deletes Twitter, EA burns Blair Walsh, and we pay tribute to the Space Oddity himself, Mr. David Bowie.

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Iowa State Basketball

WE ARE HUNGRY MEN. Citing Connecticut as an example, Steve Prohm acknowledges the slump the Cyclones find themselves mired in and says "the world isn't over".

LOVE IS LOST. The honeymoon is over in Ames as Steve Prohm has had enough negative social media interactions to delete his Twitter and Facebook apps.

BECAUSE YOU'RE YOUNG. Monte Morris is playing monster minutes (98.2% of all available minutes) but feels better the longer he stays on the court.

Iowa State Football

WILD EYED BOY FROM FREECLOUD. Jake Rhoads, son of departed head coach Paul Rhoads, has left the Iowa State football team and taken his long snapping talents to...

Around the Country

CRACKED ACTOR. OU President David Boren spoke at length about Big 12 expansion and what he feels the conference needs to do to survive and compete with the other Power 5 conferences.

THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD. The 76ers were crushing the Bulls last night and this kid COULD. NOT. HANDLE. IT. In typical Hoiball fashion, the Bulls rallied in the 2nd half and won.

SLOW BURN. EA Sports burnt Vikings kicker Blair Walsh with an Instragram post yesterday. Too soon EA, too soon.

DANCING WITH THE BIG BOYS. Remember those clever onside kicks from the Rhoads era? Well Alabama pulled one off on the biggest stage on Monday, and here's how they did it.

WHO CAN I BE NOW? SBNation gives the longform treatment to Carolina's All Pro cornerback, Josh Norman

THE PRETTY THINGS ARE GOING TO HELL. Chip Kelly is the new head coach of the 49ers, and everyone realized they're going to have to run now.

SENSE OF DOUBT. For you Making a Murderer fans, Steven Avery's ex-financee says he's guilty and was a horrible person.

NEW KILLER STAR. This @WWESubway Twitter account is the best thing to happen to Twitter since Emo Kylo Ren.

RED MONEY. Want to stretch every dollar out of your booze purchases? Let Deadspin show you how.