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The Mid-Morning Dump: Tripping Refs and Heeding Oregon's Warning

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Iowa State vs. Iowa

SAD TROMBONE. Andy Fales comments on the landscape of Iowa State vs. Iowa fandom in the state.

Iowa State Basketball

TAKING CHARGE. Steve Prohm was tired of treading lightly with poor results, so he took charge of his team.

IT'S A START. One win doesn't undo the bad start to Big 12 play, but it's a good change.

JACKSON DONE FOR THE YEAR. Donovan Jackson broke his wrist and will be out for the rest of his JUCO career.

Iowa State Football

TOP DOG. Jon Heacock will be the highest paid Iowa State assistant.

Around The Country

I GUESS HE WOULD KNOW... An Oregon player warned Carolina about the dangers of a 31-0 lead, and he almost proved to be right.

UCONN TO THE BIG 12? How much sense do the rumors of UConn joining the Big 12 make?

CRAZINESS IN ARIZONA. If you missed the Packers-Cardinals game, you missed a lot of weird things happening.

HATE HATE HATE. The eyes of hate as Oregon State's Jarmal Reid intentionally trips a ref.

OUCH. The 76ers were featured on The Simpsons, but not in a good way.

LINSANITY. Jeremy Lin's moniker can now mostly be used in reference to his spiky hair.

JOHN SCOTT VS. THE NHL. Fans wanted to put an enforcer in the All-Star game, but the NHL wasn't having any of that.