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The Mid-Morning Dump: Win The Day

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On This Day in Sports History

JANUARY 19, 1974. The Notre Dame men's basketball team defeated UCLA 71-70 in South Bend, snapping UCLA's record-setting 88-game win streak.

Iowa State Basketball

BOOMER BUST. Nine hours after the polls placed Oklahoma on top of the mountain, Iowa State shoved them off. Full highlights are below.

RISE OF AN EMPIRE. By toppling No. 1, the Steve Prohm Era has officially begun.

STICK TOGETHER WHEN THEY COUNT YOU OUT. It probably wasn't the greatest night in program history, but the Cyclones came together and grinded out a five-point win, despite hitting what felt like rock bottom a week ago in Austin.


EXTINGUISHED. Buddy Hield may have poured in 27 points last night, but every time he caught fire Matt Thomas was there to smother the flames.

THERE IS A SUCH THING. "You feel the floor give you a little tingle, man... It's magic."

HAIL KING GEORGES. Let's stop playing around: Georges Niang deserves his jersey in the rafters.

HALLICE: NO MALICE. Apparently things are all good with Hallice Cooke.

HOPE HE HEDGED. Mistake No. 1: Betting against a home team that has now won 32 of its last 33 home games.

Iowa State Football

TOP BIG 12 PLAYERS. ESPN is counting down the Big 12's top 25 players, and Mike Warren made an appearance in the first chunk.

HELP IS ON THE WAY. Jake Trotter reminds us offensive line is the biggest positional need this offseason.

Around The Country

MEANWHILE IN CLEVELAND. Golden State completely dismantled the Cavaliers.

HOUSTON, THAT'S A PROBLEM. Not only do the Rockets have to deal with James Harden's shitty defense, but now they're scoring on themselves.

UPTON TO THE TIGERS. Justin Upton is continuing his parade around the MLB, this time making a six-year, $133 million dollar stop in Detroit.

SHIT STORM. Technology and poop is a lethal combination—who knew?