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Sad Hawkeye Fans Desperately Try to Insult Iowa State During Bowl Game Beat Downs

Watching your team get smashed in bowl games during the last three years must be painful, but believe it or not, Iowa State has nothing to do with your team getting walloped on national television, Hawkeyes!

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa fans sure are an interesting bunch. During their bowl games of the past three years, many Hawkeye faithful took to social media to relieve their frustrations... By bringing up the Iowa State Cyclones.

A team that has nothing to do with the postseason struggles of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

And while the Hawkeye echo chamber has indeed brought some consolation to Hawk fans in their times of extreme sorrow, it's honestly getting a little sad to observe from the outside. You've got to feel for a fanbase that ends every season with a sour taste in their mouths. Losing a bowl game in three consecutive seasons has to be painful.

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But why bring up the Cyclones? Sure, Iowa State fans were calling out Iowa on their lack of success during each of their last three bowl games, but they weren't the only ones. Many fans of other college football teams, and even members of the national media, were openly mocking the Hawkeyes for getting their doors blown off. People from all across the world were teeing off on the Hawks... Not just Cyclone fans!

That's why it's so interesting to see that the default response for Iowa fans when their team struggles has become putting down Iowa State. EVERYONE was making fun of you yesterday during the Rose Bowl, Hawkeyes. Thus, by calling out ISU on their struggles (I mean, heck, even Cyclone fans know our football team has sucked lately, so was it really that insulting anyway?), you've really only hit a small portion of your target audience: people who were calling Iowa a joke.

As an example, I've rounded up a small sample of the tweets that were directed at Iowa State from Hawkeye fans during the past three years. These tweets occurred before, during, and immediately after Iowa lost their last three bowl games.

Before you continue on to read these tweets, please press the play button on the YouTube video below to experience the full effect of sadness that Iowa fans must live through.

Also, note how many times the same jokes were used over and over. We realize critical thinking is hard to do in times of peril, but perhaps Hawkeye fans could try to think ahead and come up with some better one-liners for next year's double-digit bowl loss...

2014 Outback Bowl

2015 TaxSlayer Bowl

2016 Rose Bowl