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The Mid-Morning Dump: Sound the Sirens in Ames

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Iowa State Basketball

CLASSY GUY. Georges Niang was named a 2016 Senior CLASS Award Candidate, given to a student-athlete who must be classified as a Division I senior and have notable achievements in four areas of excellence: community, classroom, character and competition.

PROHM GONNA PROHM. Coach Prohm has figured out that what Coach Hoiberg did is not going to work for him any more.

DEATH TRAP. Is this hell? No, it's Iowa. But it probably feels like hell for #1 teams.

CHOO CHOO! Randy Peterson says there's seats remaining on the Cyclone bandwagon express, AKA the hype train.

Iowa State Football

HE GONE. Running back Tyler Brown is no longer with the football program.

SEEING 4-STARS. Sean Foster, a 4-star offensive tackle in the class of 2016, announced his commitment to Iowa State last night.

Around The Country

POOR KU... HAHAHA. Kansas didn't just get beat by Oklahoma State last night, they got their asses handed to them.

SHOULDA PLAYED BASEBALL. That's what former Steelers WR Antwaan Randle El said, and he wonders if football will even be around in 20, 25 years.

BRING IT BACK? Kirk Herbstreit wants to bring back an NCAA Football video game, and believes giving players a free copy would be enough compensation.

GRONK FIRE. Don't cross Gronk, or he'll come back with something great like this:

TOO METAL FOR YOU. ESPN's John Clayton got to do a real segment wearing a Slayer shirt.

PEAK RETIREMENT. What did former MLB pitcher Tim Hudson do after he retired? Got a baby goat, of course.

SAD LEBRON. The way LeBron James reacted to Steph Curry stealing the ball from him was absolutely perfect.

ALL THE FEELS. A 5-year-old White Sox fan needed a kidney, and he got one from a 35-year-old Cubs fan.