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The Mid-Morning Dump: This is a Full-Fledged Mutiny


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Iowa State Basketball
THIS IS A FULL-FLEDGED MUTINY. Iowa State, like the rest of the Big 12, is on a mission—a historically impossible one: unseat the 11-time champions. Last night, the Cyclones trounced Kansas 85-72 at Hilton Coliseum, handing Bill Self & Co. their third Big 12 loss of the season. It's the first time since 1988 the Jayhawks have three conference losses before Feb. 1. Full highlights are below. You'll want to watch them.

WELL, WELL, WELL. Look who's playing defense. Iowa State held the Jayhawks to 29 points on 40% shooting (and no three-pointers) in the second half.

VERY UN-KANSAS LIKE. It's likely what we're all thinking about the Jayhawks' performance last night, but make no mistake, the Cyclones were better and tougher than their opposition... on a really big stage.

NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Jay Bilas said it pregame, during the game and probably went home to tell his family about it: Monté Morris is a top-five point guard. Bill Self was pretty impressed, too.

HOW TO EARN REELECTION. Step 1: Dab in the locker room after beating Kansas.

THE MAGIC IS REAL. And so is our new t-shirt.

THE NAGGING KNEE. Jameel McKay's status for Saturday's showdown in College Station is up in the air after a recurring inflamed knee sent him to the locker room after just 27 minutes last night.

Around The Country

THIS IS GREATNESS. I hope the general population realizes, sooner rather than later, that these Golden State Warriors could be the best team the NBA has ever seen. Last night, they dismantled the 38-6 San Antonio Spurs 120-90 behind Stephen Curry's 37 points. At 41-4, Golden State has tied the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls for best 45-game start in league history.

WHY EVEN TRY AT THIS POINT? And here are six vines of Stephen Curry doing some stuff to the NBA's best defense.

I'M DONE. Here's Curry from 28.

LOSE TO THE WARRIORS, THROW SHADE AT THE CAVS. Fortunately, Gregg Popovich went ahead and won the press conference.


RAN OFF THE PLUG TWICE. From the record label that brought you the Seventh Floor Crew, here's Miami celebrating kicking Duke's ass.

BOOGIE NIGHT. DeMarcus Cousins went for 56 against the Charlotte Hornets last night, but the Kings lost in double overtime.

FOUR, THE HARD WAY! Appalachian State led visiting Georgia Southern 100-97 with 5.5 seconds to go. Georgia Southern went on to win the game. Here's what happened in between.

SHAQTIN' A FOOL. Bruh, what are you doing?