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A Brand New WRNL Shirt to Celebrate the Magic!

So we hear you're looking for some more Iowa State gear... Why not get a shirt from your favorite Cyclone blog?

Hello, Cyclone Nation!

Following hard-fought wins in Ames over the No. 1 Oklahoma Sooners and No. 4 Kansas Jayhawks, WRNL is proud to roll out the newest shirt in our Gameday Depot shirt store. No one else in the nation knows that Magic is real more than Iowa State fans.

So, to prove you know about the pandemonium that happens within the walls of Hilton year after year, get your swag on with our "The Magic Is Real" T-shirt, offered in a fabulous choice of cardinal or gold! For you WRNL regulars, you'll be happy to know this shirt was designed by resident graphic designer/wizard/internet goddess graphikdeCYner!





Click here to be taken directly to the shirt's product page! Also, if you've never browsed through it before (or are thinking about finally splurging for that shirt you've always wanted!), be sure to check out our entire catalog of shirts at this link.

If you end up buying a shirt, we'd love for you to send us a picture of yourself wearing your new gear! We'll be sure to give you some love on Twitter or Facebook if you do.

Happy shopping, and go Cyclones! The Magic is most certainly real!