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Top 10 Things More Embarrassing Than Allowing a Matt Thomas Dunk

That was bad, Jayhawks. But what else could be even more embarrassing?

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

View the exhaustive list below:











Okay, so even the group of elite minds on our staff at WRNL could not come up with a single thing more embarrassing than allowing Matt Thomas to steal a ball in the waning seconds of a basketball game and proceed to throw down a two-handed slam on your team in front of the entire country. That's about as embarrassing as it gets.

There are likely high school teams that didn't even allow Thomas to get open for a dunk like that... WOW, you should be embarrassed, Jayhawks!

But, I admit, I'm sorry for leading you to a page that you thought would contain 10 embarrassing things. I don't want your time to be a complete loss, so here, please view the video below featuring highlights from last night's game instead. (Hint, skip ahead to 4:16 to see God's gift to Cyclone Nation)

And check out this lovely Vine from our friend Ted, set to R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly."

It's great to be a Cyclone! Be sure to share this with all of your closest Jayhawk friends!