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Two ISU Students Take Down Hilton Magic Doubter on Facebook

Presenting two more Facebook heroes in the fight against bad status updates.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

We've all been there. One of your Facebook friends posts a status that shows up on your timeline spouting off on something you simply don't agree with. The first time, you hold back and don't say anything. It's the second, third, fifth, 10th time that really start to get to you... Until you can't hold it in any longer and you have to put them in their place.

After the No. 14 Iowa State Cyclones defeated the No. 4 Kansas Jayhawks 85-72 on Monday, ISU students Molly Fink and Megan Sims noticed a familiar sight on their timelines... One of their friends, a man who will remain nameless, posted the following status:


This guy is actually an alumnus of Iowa State University (and is apparently a big North Carolina Tar Heels fan), making the above post especially frustrating. But that's not all! According to Molly and Megan, this is just the latest in a series of negative comments regarding Iowa State and Hilton Magic.

To prove their point and try to persuade this disbeliever to realize he's got all the wrong thoughts, the two girls decided to draft up a message to convince him of the truth - that Hilton Magic is indeed real. What they ended up writing became a full-on plea of a few hundred words. Get comfortable in your seat, then check out their message below!

Every week I sit here and I read post after post from you and as a student, it honestly offends me the way you talk about my team and it's accomplishments like we're a bunch of untalented ball pushers. Couple things I have to say after reading your posts after several months.

1. Every team has a lull. You cannot tell me that there is one out there that has been undefeated since day one, including North Carolina. Another example, look at the U of I. They hadn't made an NCAA appearance in 18 years before last year, and look at them now, they're ranked #3 in the nation. Programs can change throughout the years, both good and bad. Yes, Iowa State had they're lull. The fans haven't gone anywhere, Hilton Magic is just more publicized now, social media being a factor of that.

2. You can bash Hilton Magic all you want. Here's the deal: Hilton Magic is a concept based off of home court advantage. When you bash Hilton Magic, you bash the idea of a home court advantage, which tells me you don't believe that any team on their home court has a better chance of winning. In that case let's take the Tar Heels out of Dean Smith Center for an entire season and tell me it doesn't affect them. For some reason you are so bitter about the fact that our home court advantage has become so exponentially known that it's become it's own category, Magic. You can ask any ESPN announcer or representative who has visited Hilton and they will tell you, Hilton Magic is real. Fran Fraschilla has been quoted numerous times talking about Hilton, it's Magic, and how it should be on people's bucket lists of stadiums to visit. Not only as an Alum, but as an Iowan, that's pretty cool that there's a stadium in your state that ESPN thinks should be on everyone's bucket list as a place to visit.

3. The state of Iowa has been on a roll when it comes to basketball. Three #1 ranked teams (including your Tar Heels) walked into this state and walked right back out losers. This week, the U of I was ranked third in the nation and Iowa State beat fourth ranked team Kansas. Again, two great accomplishments by basketball programs in this state. As an Iowan that should make you proud, that your state is getting recognized for all three great basketball programs. I don't understand why you feel the need to constantly get on Facebook and bash Iowa State. We are in one of the toughest conferences in the nation right now. Every week we face a top 25 team. This week alone, we are playing two teams ranked in the top 10, so every time we win it's a big deal because we are always facing great teams. I also don't understand why you feel the need to ALWAYS have a negative comment whether we have a buzzer beater, or a blowout win. This year we have not only transitioned to a new coaching staff, lost key players, and incorporated new talent from our bench but have still managed to remain in the top 25 all season and have remained competitive with teams that are ranked higher than us, and have beat three teams that are in the current top 5.

4. I'm not sure where your bitterness towards this team came from, but your comments week after week are pathetic. As an Alumni, you should know that we Iowa Staters pride ourselves in being Loyal Forever True through thick and thin. If you want to bash the fact that Hilton Magic wasn't as alive when you were in school it's because of half-assed fans like yourself, so I'm glad you don't cheer for the Iowa State Men's Basketball team, because we like fans that will stick by our side.

Sincerely, A TRUE Iowa State Fan

Kudos to Molly and Megan for fighting the good fight against one of the doubters of Hilton Magic. Hopefully, with time, their friend will come to the light and see just how special Hilton Coliseum's home court advantage is compared to the rest of the country. Go Cyclones!