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The Mid-Morning Dump: Knee Probs and CREEDBOMBING

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Thanks to you guys, yesterday was WRNL's biggest single day of traffic EVER. We are SO PROUD to, er, wait... That's not a thing any more... #ASTORMISBREWING for fans of missed field goals, cheap beer, and Iowa State athletics.

Iowa State Basketball

HE'S KINDA A BIG DEAL. Monte Morris was named the Naismith Trophy Player of the Week after averaging 19.5 points, 8.5 assists and 2.0 rebounds against TCU and Kansas.

YOU CAN TAKE THE MAN OUTTA MURRAY... Travis Hines reports on how Steve Prohm's final year at Murray State is impacting his first year at Iowa State.

DISRUPTION SATURDAY. Prohm isn't a huge fan of playing a non-conference game in the middle of the conference season, but accepts the challenge of going on the road to play Texas A&M.

KNEE PROBS. Jameel McKay is having his knee evaluated by a doctor in hope of a diagnosis.

MORE KNEE PROBS. Star women's basketballer, Seanna Johnson, is a game time decision for Wednesday night's TCU game following her awkward fall in Saturday's game against Baylor.

TOUGH SHOT HUNTER. One of Jadda Buckley's goals is to get more comfortable taking tough shots, and overcoming a fear of airballing a shot is the first step.

Around The Country

FOOTBALL, MAN. Former Iowa safety Tyler Sash was found to have C.T.E. after having his brain scanned by doctors posthumously.

CRAZY COMEBACK. Wake Forest had a seven point lead on Virginia with 22 seconds left in the game. They did not win.

CURRY OR HIELD? Hard to say...

KOBE PAT. What did Kobe Bryant do when Dirk Nowitzki hit a game-winner right in front of him? Pat him on the butt, of course.

#CREEDBOMBED. The Carolina Panthers have a strange new phenomenon called "Creedbombing" and you get to see former Cyclone AJ Klein have it done to him here.

PURE ELATION. One young Montreal Canadiens fan went full happiness when he got a puck tossed to him.

VERY SUPERSTITIOUS. The Denver Broncos have lost every Super Bowl they've worn orange in, so they're going with white this time.

NOT HOLDING BACK. Speaking of the Broncos, one of their defenders admitted to trying to rub his nuts on Tom Brady's face.

GOLDENEYE 64 HONEST TRAILER. This game was probably played by some of you way too much.