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The Mid-Morning Dump: You Forgot About the Pro Bowl

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On This Day in Sports History

JANUARY 27, 1959. After finishing the 1958-59 regular season 1-10-1, the Green Bay Packers sign New York Giants offensive coordinator Vince Lombardi to a five-year contract to be the team's coach and general manager. Skol Vikings.

Iowa State Basketball

McKAY IS OKAY, THEY SAY. It sounds like that knee will be fine.

ALL LADY FROGS. Despite a big night from Bridget Carleton, TCU handed an ailing Seanna Johnson and the Twister Sisters their fourth straight loss last night.

THE FORCE IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE. Abdel Nader is on a serious upswing, and his aggressiveness is paying dividends for Iowa State.

Iowa State Football

IF ART BRILES CAN DO IT. Matt Campbell is killing it on the recruiting trail. But how will that translate in year one?

Around The Country

WIN, LOSE OR DRAW, PEOPLE ARE GOING TO TALK. Cam Newton"Being an African-American quarterback with this skill set scares people."

BUT THEN THERE'S THIS. A filterless Charles Barkley makes reference to Auburn's "investment" in Newton.

SHOE GAME. Purdue C A.J. Hammons' is... strong.

WEIRD IN A GOOD WAY. That's about the only way we can describe Iowa basketball at this point, right?

YOU HAD ONE JOB, TOM. Four-star OL Matt Farniok — yes, Tom's younger brother — is set to be a Husker.

FROM LUBBOCK TO BOULDER. Former Texas Tech QB Davis Webb is transferring to Colorado.

PRO BOWL DRAFT. Yeah, this happened, and you forgot, and you don't care, and neither do I, but here are the rosters.

A SPECTACULAR WASTE OF TIME. And here's what you should do instead of watching it!

LIVE BALL. Oh, Rutgers, you poor souls.

IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO GO LIKE THIS. Duke is beginning to learn that you can't bank on "one-and-dones" every year.