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The Mid-Morning Dump: Displacement Friday

The Cyclones travel to an old foe, Campbell keeps recruiting, and the NHL is shady as hell.

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Iowa State Basketball

WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE. Steve Prohm was displaced to College Station during his days at Tulane, and this weekend's trip back to Texas is bringing back plenty of memories.

HOBBLED. NOT DEAD. Jameel McKay has tendinitis in his left knee, but he'll get through it or something.

HOLLYWOOOOD! Hollywood Higgins, everyone's favorite ref in big games, gets a profile from Seth Davis of SI.

THAT'S A BANNING. West Virginia starting forward Jonathan Holton has been suspended indefinitely. The Cyclones host the Mountaineers on Tuesday.

Iowa State Football

MORE MYTHBUSTING. Friend of the Natty, Josh Kagavi, is back for more and proves that the long lost jersey from Jack Trice's lone season in Ames is most likely yellow.

SURPRISING DEVELOPMENTS. Good: ESPN bloggers think Matt Campbell's recruiting efforts are surprising and impressive. Bad: They compare those efforts to those of David Beatty at Kansas.

Follow Friday

WU-TANG AIN'T NOTHIN' TO FINANCE WITH. There is a WuTang Financial Twitter account. It does things like this:

Around the Country

VIVA RAIDVEGAS. The Raiders are going to use Las Vegas as the next city to leverage the NFL in to a new stadium. Seriously.

NBA ALL-STARS. Kobe: A starter. Everyone else: second fiddle. These are your NBA All Stars.

WRNL: FASHION BLOG. The five best and worst hats of the 2016 MLB Spring Training season. The Royals hat is en fuego.

SOMEBODY IS GETTING FIRED. The crew in Santa Monica painted both end zones with the Broncos logo.

NO RESPECT. People think the nation isn't buying in to Iowa as the #3 team in the country. Does anyone buy in to anything this time of year?

HOIBALLER. The Lakers made the Bulls look very good on the fast break last night.

PHELPS PLEASES. Michael Phelps showed up behind Arizona State's Curtain of Distraction last night.

NFL & HGH. The NFL is investigating the Al Jazeera report on HGH usage and there's absolutely no way they'll screw this up.

A GUY LIKE JOHN. John Scott, he of van voting NHL All Star fame, writes in The Player's Tribune about the shady tactics the NHL pulled to keep him out of the game.