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The Mid-Morning Dump: Looking for a New Year's Resolution Diet?

We Found The Best Cleanse Ever.

Iowa State Basketball

SICKENING LOSS. Saturday's loss to Oklahoma left a bad taste in the mouths of many Cyclone players.

THAT CURIOUS CASE OF MALOU GETS STRANGER. We chronicled his strange journey earlier this year, and Emmanuel Malou adds to it by transferring to DMACC to finish the classes he needs to get eligible for Iowa State next year.

Iowa State Football

COCK POWER. Jon Heacock has finally decided to become Matt Campbell's defensive coordinator at Iowa State. He leaves Toledo, where he was the interim head coach before Toledo brought back Jason Candle after Candle left himself to be temporary OC at Iowa State. The tug of war for coaches might finally be over between Toledo and Iowa State!

Around The Country

TACO CLEANSE. If you're looking for a New Year's Resolution, here you go!

FIXING THE PLAYOFFS. After meh ratings and two bad games, here's a simple solution to fix the College Football Playoffs.

EXPAND THE PLAYOFFS! David Shaw wants more teams for the playoff.

THE CRAZIEST DAY. January 2nd was highlighted by insanity in TCU/Oregon.

HARBAUGH'S NOT QUITE OVER IT. Jim Harbaugh isn't quite done dumping on the grave of the 49ers 2015 season.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOO. ICYMI, The Stanford band made people (Hawkeye fans) angry for another year. The 691 comments (and counting) are... fascinating.

THAD MATTA LOVES HEISMAN GUY MEME. The toolbag yelling dumb stuff behind Christian McCaffrey during a postgame interview has gotten so much play, even Thad Matta is doing it.

MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE COME HOME, HORNY. It's not going very well down in Phoenix for the Suns and Jeff Hornacek.

CHIP KELLY WAS FIRED FOR BEING GRINCHY. Not doing the holiday party right is partial grounds for termination.

LET'S TRY THAT AGAIN. Ben Simmons doesn't like the pass you just gave him, ref.

HELMETS BOUNCE, DANIEL. Dan Carpenter missed an extra point, then spiked his helmet into his own face.