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The Mid-Morning Dump: 500,000 Snapchats per Second

What could possibly go wrong with an arena of 17,000+ capable of sending more than 500,000 snapchats per second?

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Iowa State Basketball

NO MORE DOUBTING THOMAS. The Cyclones jumped out to an 18-point first half lead and held on late to beat the Texas Tech Red Raiders as Matt Thomas careered it writes Rob Gray.

OH, YOU WANT SOME MORE? Travis Hines jotted about missed bunnies, foul trouble, poor shooting and all sorts of fun tidbits regarding last night's ugly win.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT. Here are the highlights from last night's 76-69 (nice) win over the Red Raiders.

THOSE EIGHT WERE GREAT. The Twister Sisters' saw their eight-game winning streak come to an end at the hand of the fourth ranked Longhorns. Bill Fennelly threw one last jab on his way out of town though:

Iowa State Football

TEXAS STATE JOB WITHERS AWAY. Texas State passed on Paul Rhoads and hired James Madison head coach Everett Withers to be the Bobcats' head coach.

THAT'S HOW DEFENSE SHOULD BE PLAYED. That's what Iowa State's new Defensive Coordinator, Jon Heacock wants fans to think when they watch Iowa State.

Around the Country

ALL OF THE EMOTIONS. CBSSports golf writer and Oklahoma State blogger, Kyle Porter, wrote an extremely personal and emotional piece that will hit you in all of your feels. Prayers to you and your family Pistolsguy.

TAMPA TWO AND OUT. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers relieved Lovie Smith of his duties yesterday after they tripled their win total from the 2014 season. Former Nebraska standout Lavonte David was less than thrilled.

KROENKE BURNS EVERYTHING. St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke is throwing mad shade at Rams fans and the city of St. Louis in hopes of forcing the NFL to back his proposal to move the franchise to Los Angeles.

HEATED HERMAN IN H-TOWN. Houston head coach Tom Herman got in a heated 22-minute argument with talk radio hosts in Texas. Have yourself a merry little listen.

500,000 SNAPCHATS PER SECOND. The Sacramento Kings are building a new arena in October that aims to be the techiest arena out there. Thus helping fans watch good basketball teams on their smart phones while watching the Kings play in person.

GRIFFEY CONTROVERSY. Forget about the three people that didn't vote for Ken Griffey Jr. on their HOF ballots, the big question is whether or not the Hall of Fame will depict Griffey in a backwards hat on his plaque.