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The WRNL Hotbox: Basketball Answers and Securing a New Year's Kiss

You have questions? We have opinions.

The Hotbox is finally back from a long holiday hiatus and is here to answer all your pressing Iowa State questions. During this holiday, the Hotbox went skiing in Colorado, got drunk trying to cope with the crushing burden of family, and then got drunk trying to cope with the crushing burden of the College Football Playoff.

But really, did anyone actually enjoy watching those games? The only interesting part of those two games was the first half of the OU/Clemson game because we still had hope for a Big XII team. Clemson still hasn't Clemson'ed somehow, but they still have a chance to against Alabama in the final. Speaking of, what if Iowa would have beat MSU and played Alabama? LOL. That would have been a back alley Bama beatin'. It might have been worse than the back alley beatin' Stanford gave them. Either way, they would have been exciting beatings for sure!

But this is an Iowa State blog, so let's not spend all our time giggling at the Hawkeyes expense. Actually, scratch that. We're going to spend about one more paragraph discussing their fortunately unfortunate ending. But since the last Hotbox, Iowa State lost a couple basketball games and everything is not quite right in Cyclone Nation.



question for the second hottest box I know:

Following the UNI game, the CF forums as well as one poster here had somethings to say about Prohm and his apparent hands-off coaching style currently. Do you think this is a matter of not trying to fix what’s not broken? is the Emperor just more of a zen coach than are used to? are the players doing the coaching instead of him (it’s been suggested)? or are we just witnessing a knee-jerk overreaction of a 2 point loss to a very good Panthers squad who has 2 top-five upsets under their belt already this year?

First off,


pics of first hottest box or it didn't happen

What he said.

Second off, overreacting is in the sports fan DNA. What else are we gonna do all week between games? Sit there and listen to people be rational and calm? That's no fun. I want to hear idiots take time out of their day, call a radio show, and have a batshit-flaming hot take that the hosts can then use to fill 20 minutes of airtime. Now that's just good radio.

So yes, we are overreacting. And from what I'm seeing, Prohm doesn't seem to do anything Dreamy never did. They both seem to have developed a hands off approach while on the bench. Dreamy had what, a total of 4 techs. in 5 years? (SOMEONE LOOK THAT UP NOW). Do you think Prohm will go over or under how ever many techs Dreamy got in 5 years. THIS IS HOW YOU DETERMINE WHICH COACH IS BETTER.

And since I have the power of hindsight, UNI has been wet butt since beating Iowa State, losing four of their last six.


New Year's Trouble

If you guys don't remember, I was the one last year who came to you in my time of need last New Year's Eve. I asked you how I should go about the very important ritual of the New Year's Kiss. But as I am very self-conscious, I need your reassurance once again. And I'm still young and troubled and single, so I'm going to have to woo a hot single lady onto my lips. How should I go about this? Convince one of the girls I'm talking to to meet me at midnight? Do I find an old female friend who is in the same predicament as me and make a deal with her? Or do I just go for and meet a new girl at the bar? Help.

HE'S BACK. Man, your emotional struggle is something that I fortunately do not have to bear. Unfortunately, you asked this question before New Year's. The Hotbox is just gonna act like it's still 2015 and hopefully you'll tell us how your night went.

So let's recap, you gave me three choices. 1.) Meet girl you're talking to already - this is the most meaningful and emotional option. I take it you have a current relationship with this female, so if you have a deep, creamy emotional center this is your finest option. 2.) Make a deal with a female "friend" for a kiss. So she doesn't have a midnight kiss either and might as well make a deal to please both parties. This will work I guess, but is the easy way out and by far the least emotionally vesting. If you're a coward, you go this route. 3.) Find new girl and kiss her. This is the move that requires the most balls. It's the riskiest move for sure, but who knows, you could bag yourself a 10. Or not.

So YoungAndTroubled, how did your night go?


Almighty Hotbox,

3sus has been struck down. Can you reassure #cyclONEnation that 3sus will rise again next year?

Unfortunately Mr. Venis, I don't think 3sus will rise again onto the majestic court in Hilton Coliseum. I believe the NCAA will strike 3sus down and he will not be allowed to return to his basketball player form.  He will take an even higher form after resurrection. He will come back as a GA for Prohm and Dreamy's lineage will live on in future Cyclones. 3sus will morph the original teachings of Dreamy with the new ideas of Prohm and He will teach the Cyclone masses. It will be his greatest miracle. Praise 3sus.


Sup Box?

Did you see that OU @ KU game? Holy butt that was one hell of a game. I know we lost to OU, but it might have been our most well played game. Do you think we can continue to compete with those top teams? Because I lost some confidence after seeing that instant classic.

Why, yes I did watch the entirety of that game. I was rivetted. The quality of play by both teams was something you don't see very often in college basketball. Especially Buddy Hield. He was Steph Curry out there. My dick fell off a couple times after a few of his plays.

But do I think we can continue to compete with those two teams? Sure. I agree we played our best game against OU, but lost. A few things go our way at the end, we look like GODS. But they didn't and here's the predicament with that. We played our best game of the year, AND LOST. It's not like we're a bad team or anything either. We have a really good team and still lost. OU is a REALLY good team, so we shouldn't be ashamed. But if OU and KU play like they did on Monday the rest of year? I don't think we can keep up.

I am hopeful OU can't keep up the stellar play, and we'll get them at Hilton. KU is another story. At this moment, I think they get us at home and the road this year. PROVE ME WRONG.

And finally, we need more information on your FMK between Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Kendrick, and Emma Watson so I can rub it in austinnarber's face some more. This is very important.

If you have a question for the Hotbox, hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, and definitely the comments below.

"An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools."
-Ernest Hemingway