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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3SUS WAITS

3SUS dispels rumors of a return this season & forces fans to be patient for his eventual return.

Iowa State Basketball

3SUS WAITS. Naz Mitrou-Long has dispelled rumors of his return this season, says he's seeking his medical redshirt. WRNL predicts he will be risen in November.

NEVER AGAIN, BAYLOR. Scott Drew called a weird timeout last year, Baylor hit seven 3s in a row, and last year's Big 12 Champion Cyclones became the first squad to allow the Bears to have a win in Ames. It ain't happening again according to Jameel McKay.

Iowa State Football

RV ADVENTURE. Iowa State Hall of Famer Keith Sims took an impromptu trip to Ames this summer during an RV trip, and was blown away by the progress of the Cyclones' facilities.

Around the Country

PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS! The NFL Playoffs being this weekend with the Wild Card round, and here's your entire schedule.

COLD AS BALLS. Cris Carter notes that cold weather in Minnesota makes everything shrink. By the end of the game Sunday it's likely Russell Wilson will be 4'11".

ONE AND DONE. The Cowboys are unlikely to re-sign Greg Hardy this offseason, which should rectify the mistake of signing him to begin with.

KELLY9ERS. Chip Kelly interviewed with the San Francisco 49ers. That will absolutely end well for everyone involved.

FAVRE THE FAMOUS. Brett Favre leads the list of 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame finalists.

CAN ANALYTICS SAVE THE BROWNS? Probably not, but Paul DePodesta is going to try anyway.

OLD SCHOOL KOBE. Kobe Bryant threw down an alley oop last night! He can finally retire a happy man!

KD IS K-COOL. Kevin Durant made a 5-year-old cancer survivor's dream come true by meeting him.

UFC 197 IS LOADED. The rumored card features two main events: Conor McGregor moving up to Lightweight to fight Rafael dos Anjos for the championship, and Holly Holm defending for the first time against Miesha Tate.

SHAMELESS PLUG. Over at CFB Analytics we took a look at how bowl games have a tendency to expose lucky teams who keep winning in spite of themselves.

TCU IS THE KING OF TEXAS. Both Texas & Texas A&M went after TCU's co-offensive coordinators, Doug Meacham and Sonny Cumbie, and both stayed.

NCAA DID SOMETHING RIGHT. The NCAA removed the practice limit on Clemson this week because their classes started and Alabama's hasn't.

EXPLOSIONS BEAT BAMA. You need to move the ball in chunks to beat Alabama according to Bill Connelly.

CAN ALABAMA'S OFFENSE WIN A GAME? Ian Boyd says Alabama's offense will have a tougher time with Clemson's defense than they did with Michigan State's.